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Featured Fiberglass House for Pump Skid

Location: Seal Creek, OR

Environment: Water Treatment Plant

Application: Fiberglass Shelter to Integrator for Turn-Key Pump Station Skid

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Featured Case Study

Fiberglass Pump House

Pump House for Superfund Site

Environment: Hazardous chemicals and high daily temperatures

Location: Rialto, California

Application: Two Fiberglass Shelters for Pump Station & Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Equipment

Highlights: 3” Insulated walls for climate control in hot environment and PE stamped certification for California’s building codes.

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Fiberglass Cabinets


Environment: Boiler Room

Location: Illinois, USA

Application: Fiberglass cabinet for Chemical Dosing System.

Highlights: Fiberglass enclosure to protect pump system from harsh environment.

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Natural Gas Sound Attenuation

Tough Shelters

Environment: Tropical

Location: Destin, Florida

Application: Fiberglass Shelter Designed for Water & Wastewater Application

Highlights: Two fiberglass shelters to protect chemical feed systems. Gel coat layer to protect from excess moisture in air, chemicals, and UV damage that occurs in tropical environments.

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Natural Gas Sound Attenuation

Natural Gas Sound Attenuation

Environment: Residential Community

Location: Texas

Application: Fiberglass Shelter Designed For Natural Gas Application

Highlights: 14' x 35' x 8' fiberglass shelter that included one door on each of the long walls, two vents for basic natural ventilation, and two skylights to assist in visual inspection of the station.

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Leachate Pump Station, pump station shelter, shelter for pump station prefab pump station shelter

Leachate Pump Station

Environment: County Landfill

Location: Maryland

Application: Fiberglass Shelter for Leachate Pump Station

Highlights: Replacement fiberglass shelter for leachate pump station. Withstand average rainfalls of 45 inches a year and average humidity of 77%. Also accommodate for average winter temperatures of 29 degrees. The shelter's insulation was increased, providing an R-Value of 15.

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water pump shelter, intake pump shelter, shelter for intake valves

Remote Hydroelectric Facility

Environment: Remote Wilderness

Location: Alaska

Application: Fiberglass Shelter for Intake Air Valve Protection

Highlights:  6’ x 9’ x 8’ shelter, 3.5” foam core insulation furnishing them with an R-Value of R-24 to prevent the pipeline from freezing in average winter lows of 21°F that can dip as low as 3°F

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well pump shelter, shelter for well pump, fiberglass pump shelter

City of St. Peters

Environment: Flood Plain

Location: Missouri

Application: Elevated Well Pump Houses

Highlights:  Fiberglass shelter with metal base for mounting on a pedestal and 4’ x 4’ roof hatch.

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telecom shelter, telecommunications shelter, comms shelter, shelter for telecom

STS Global

Environment: Hilltop

Location: Hawaii

Application: Protect Telecommunications Satellite Equipment

Highlights:  Offsite construction of shelter with highly complex internal systems.

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pump station shelter, pump station shelters, shelters for pump stations

Rural Water District

Environment: Water Treatment Facility

Location: Kansas

Application: Skid Mounted Pump Station Shelter

Highlights:  Turnkey solution with excellent service and great value.

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air compressor shelter, air compressor shelters, shelters for air compressors

Knight Hawk Coal

Environment: Coal Mine

Location: Illinois

Application: Outdoor Shelter for Slide Gate Air Compressor

Highlights:  Integrated heater and exhaust fan to keep the environment at desired levels.

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electrical equipment shelter, shelter for electrical equipment, electrical equipment shelters

Military Base

Environment: Hot, Humid Area

Location: Southeast USA

Application: Well House and Electrical Equipment Shelters

Highlights: Replace three rotting wood shelters with fiberglass shelters backed by a 25 year warranty.

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sprinkler system shelter, sprinkler system shelters, sprinkler system enclosure

Alcon Pharmaceutical

Environment: Corporate Campus

Location: Texas

Application: Shelter for Commercial Sprinkler System Equipment

Highlights: Aesthetically-pleasing shelters with a faux brick finish and meadow green color to blend in on beautiful corporate campus.

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brine making shelter, brine making shelters, shelters for brine making

Ohio DOT

Environment: Chemical Storage Area

Location: Ohio

Application: Protect Brine Making System

Highlights: Shelter durable enough to withstand wind, snow, ice, and seismic loads for critical systems.

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fiberglass shelter, fiberglass shelters

DuPage County Public Works

Environment: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Illinois

Application: Shelter to Protect Three Unique Systems

Highlights: Prefab shelter with internal walls to create three isolated rooms for a chemical feed system, water heater and SCADA system.

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radio equipment shelter, shelter for radio equipment radio equipment shelters

Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office

Environment: Shelter Next to Communications Tower

Location: Illinois

Application: Shelter for Public Safety Radio Equipment

Highlights: Chose Shelter Works fiberglass over concrete shelter for customization and value.

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water booster station shelter, shelter for water boosting, water booster station shelters

Knoxville Utilities Board

Environment: Various Public Utilities

Location:  Knoxville, TN

Applications: Chemical Injection and Water Booster Station Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works provided money-saving solutions for a variety of equipment protection applications.

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odorizer equipment shelter, odorizer shelter, shelter for odorizer equipment

Utility Company

Environment: Natural Gas Facility

Location: Midwest

Application: SCADA and Odorizer Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Durable and portable shelters designed to latest for years and be used for many different applications.

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fiberglass storage shelter, storage shelter for bottles, fiberglass storage shelters

Old Dominion Electric

Environment: Power Plant

Location:  Pennsylvania

Application: Storage Shelter for CO2 bottles.

Highlights:  Design and build a customized shelter to store sensitive CObottles

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equipment shelter, fiberglass equipment shelter, fiberglass equipment shelters

Private Airfield

Environment: Airfield

Location:  Gulf Coast

Application: Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Build a frangible, hurricane-resistant shelter in safety orange and white with custom windows, doors, and roof.

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electrical equipment shelter, shelter for electrical equipment, electrical equipment shelters

Utility Company

Environment: Tropical Location

Location:  Hawaii

Application: Electrical Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Delivered shelter in pieces to be assembled on-site - minimizing shipping expense.

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LACT equipment elcosure, equipment enclosure for LACT, LACT equipment enclsoures

Public Utility - Oil & Gas

Environment:  Area with -20°F Temperatures

Location:  Wyoming

Application: LACT Equipment Enclosure

Highlights:  Custom built shelter with knockout panels and added insulation.

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electrical equipment shelter, shelter for electrical equipment

Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources

Environment: Riverside Location

Location:  Minnesota

Application: Protect Electric Fish Barrier Equipment

Highlights:  Developed a highly customized shelter with extensive HVAC and insulation while still allowing a cellular signal to pass through.

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equipment shelter, equipment shelters, shelters for equipment

Battery Recycling Company

Environment: Battery Recycling Facility

Location:  Alabama

Application: Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Non-corroding shelter to house computer equipment, SCADA screens, POC systems, and transformers while protecting against caustic dust.

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well house shelter, well house shelters, shelters for well houses

Water Utility Company

Environment: Small Town Communities

Location:  Missouri

Application: Well Houses

Highlights:  Deliver cost-effective solutions backed by a 25-year warranty to small communities.

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water treatment system shelter, water treatment system shelters, shelters for water treatment systems

Water Treatment Facility

Environment: Area with Potential Flooding

Location:  New York City

Application: Water Treatment System Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works shipped this highly customized shelter by barge to get it to its location.

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water filtration system shelter, shelter for water filtration systems

Bio-Guard Systems

Environment: Farming & Agriculture

Location: Globally

Application: Innovative Water Filtration System Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works fiberglass shelters are chosen for their excellent durability, insulating properties, aesthetics, and light weight.

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fiberglass helters, chlorine feed system shelter

Chemical Company

Environment: Chemical Processing Plant

Location: Michigan

Application: Chlorine Feed System Shelter

Highlights: Shelter Works designed a completely custom shelter that could withstand the highly corrosive environment.

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chemical feed shelter, chemical feed shelters


Environment: Bottling Plant

Location: Virginia

Application: PH Adjustment Chemical Feed System Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works completed most of the electrical and plumbing work and obtained state labels before shipping.

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compressor shelter, shelters for compressors

Natural Gas Operation

Environment: Natural Gas Transmission Compressor Station

Location: Midwest

Application:  Protective Shelter for Compressors and Valves

Highlights:  Developed a custom engineered elevated shelter with skylights to provide access to workers while protecting pipes below.

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Amested Rail

Environment: Metal Foundry

Location: Granite City, Illinois

Application: Electrical Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works chosen for its low maintenance, high-value shelter backed by 25-year warranty.

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Water Treatment Facility

Environment: Water Treatment Plant

Location: Southwest

Application: Chemical Dosing and SCADA Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works shelters are selected for three unique applications at this water treatment facility including chemical dosing and SCADA system buildings.

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Aqua Illinois

Environment: Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Illinois

Application: Headworks Bar Screen Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works builds an extra tall shelter with multiple access and knockout panels to accommodate existing pipes.

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GPL Odorizers

Environment: Natural Gas Facilities

Location: Nationwide

Application: Natural Gas Odorizer System Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Manufacturer of gas odorizer systems offers clients Shelter Works shelters to effectively protect its equipment.

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Build Illinois

Environment: Remote Locations

Location: Illinois

Application: Regulator Stations and Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works provides a variety of protective shelters to help the state of Illinois upgrade its natural gas infrastructure.

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Environment: Water Treatment Facilities

Location: Nationally

Application: Chemical Feed and Monitoring Systems Shelters

Highlights:  Customized shelters to help protect critical equipment at water treatment facilities.

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Gas Company

Environment: Shelter Next to Road

Location: Ohio

Application: Gas Transfer Station

Highlights:  Impact absorbing shelter protects equipment while sustaining minimal damage.

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Precision Pipeline Equipment

Environment: Natural Gas Facilities

Location: Midwest & Northeast

Application:  Analyzer Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Maintenance-free, turnkey shelters featuring explosion-proof electrical packages for the natural gas industry.

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A Civil Group

Environment: School Campus

Location: Missouri

Application: Irrigation Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works delivers shelter that met the size, wind, and snow load specs and insulation value needed to ensure adequate protection of the equipment. 

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Maintenance Company

Environment: Outside Locations

Location: Kansas City

Application: Communications Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Temperature and weather-resistant shelters needed to protect sensitive communications equipment.

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Military Base

Environment: Helicopter Refueling Station

Location: Upstate New York

Application: Mechanical Room Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works' fiberglass composite design provides a frangible building with an inherent thermal barrier and dimensional stability with low conduction.

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GCI Communications

Environment: Remote Arctic Location

Location: Anchorage Alaska

Application: Telecommunications Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Durable weather and temperature resistant shelter with customized floor.

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New Windsor Township

Environment: Outdoors

Location: New Windsor, Maryland

Application: Sewage Pumping Station Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works created a spacious shelter that provided better access to workers.

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U.S. Government

Environment: Remote Site in Mojave Desert

Location: Southwest US

Application: Air Compressor Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works built a fiberglass shelter that offered the ideal level of protection from heat, UV rays, and freezing temperatures.

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Utility Company

Environment: Space Under Low Hanging Wires

Location: Midwest

Application: Natural Gas Regulator Station Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works created 2-piece shelter that could be placed under wires and assembled quickly on site.

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Public Works

Environment: Open Field

Location: Normal, Illinois

Application: Sanitary Lift Station Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works provides a better building solution to existing wood and brick equipment shelters.

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Northwest Water Reclamation Center

Environment: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

Application: Electrical Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works creates climate controlled and thermally stable, storm-resistant shelter to keep sensitive equipment cool and dry.

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AMS Sampling Equipment

Environment: Truck Mounted Shelter

Location: Northwest U.S.

Application: Mobile Field Office Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works delivers a low maintenance, durable, insulated work station to protect technicians from the elements while working in the field.

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Bolton and Menke

Environment: Next to Existing Shelter

Location: Crystal, Minnesota

Application: Shelter With Containment Floor for Chemical Processing Equipment

Highlights:  Shelter Works delivers "The Works" in terms of customization including doors mounted 2 feet from the floor of the shelter, gas-tight partition wall, and secondary containment basin with grated fiberglass walking surface.

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Environment: Landfill

Location: Maryland

Application: Leachate Pump Station Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works supplies a complete pre-engineered system including fiberglass shelter, HVAC, explosion-proof electrical, and prefab wall penetrations for piping.

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Public University

Environment: College Campus

Location: Southern U.S.

Application: Electrical Equipment Shelter for Power Cooling Plant

Highlights:  Shelter Works creates a prefabricated, 12-foot tall building that can be shipped flat and quickly assembled on site.

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Telecommunications Company

Environment: Near Coastal Waters

Location: Caribbean Islands

Application: Telecom Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works develops air-conditioned shelter with enhanced hurricane, humidity, and temperature resistance.

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Dept. of Agriculture

Environment: Research Facility

Location: Alabama

Application: Aquarium Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works fiberglass shelters are designed to last in a high humidity environment.

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Power Company

Environment: Nuclear Power Plant

Location: Midwest

Application: Chemical Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works adds elevated containment floor to protect against spills.

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U.S. Air Force

Environment: Airfield

Location: Coastal Location

Application: BAK 12 Arresting Gear Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works designed a hurricane-resistant, yet "frangible" shelter complete with mesh windows and base to fit onto an existing, knee wall.

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CH2M Hill

Environment: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: U.S.

Application: Electrical Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works's fiberglass shelters offer attractive alternative to cast-in-place concrete shelters.

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Environment: Military Base

Location: Fleetwood, Pennsylvania

Application: Pump Station Shelter - Addition to Existing Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works creates a three-sided shelter that can be affixed to the existing shelter to expand the space without interruption.

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Town of Olla

Environment: Recreational Area

Location: Olla, Louisiana

Application: Restroom Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works was chosen for its value, longevity and resistance to graffiti.

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Telecom Company

Environment: Remote Arctic Location

Location: Ontario, Canada

Application: Microwave Repeater Stations Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works creates strong, highly insulated shelters that are still light enough to be transported to remote locations.

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Marine Survey Company

Environment:  Underneath Ship's Helicopter Pad

Location: Sailing Vessel

Application: Workout Room Shelter

Highlights: Application required a shelter that could withstand a damp, salt-air environment and be easily assembled onsite.

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Walker Process Equipment

Environment: Water Filtration Stations

Location: North Carolina

Application: Field Equipment Shelters

Highlights: Walker Process Equipment recommends top-of-the-line fiberglass shelters customized to one's exact needs from Shelter Works.

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Water Company

Environment: Water Treatment Plant

Location: Brownsville, Texas

Application: Electrical Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Custom fiberglass shelters with reinforced walls are ideal solution for protecting equipment near the Gulf of Mexico.

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Environment: Golf Course Facility

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Application: Irrigation Pumping Station

Highlights:  Easy to install, prefabricated and certified shelters from Shelter Works are an ideal alternative to concrete shelters.

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Newcastle County

Environment: Residential Neighborhoods

Location: Delaware

Application: Wastewater Pumping Stations

Highlights:  Chief of Facilities chooses Shelter Works for the unmatched durability of our shelters.

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City of Fayetteville

Environment: Ice Storm

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Application: Pump Station Shelter

Highlights:  During a large ice storm in 2010, a tree fell on the structure and didn’t even leave a dent in it. Plus, since the building had vents, city workers were able to put a generator into the structure so that water could continue to flow despite the power outage. 

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Sagebrush Pipeline Equipment

Environment: Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum

Location: Montana

Application: Flow Control Valve Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works shelters are an ideal choice due to extreme temperature resistance and flexibility in design - especially integrated knockout panels.

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Union Pacific

Environment: Between Railroad Tracks

Location: U.S.

Application: Railroad Bungalow

Highlights:  Weather-resistant fiberglass shelters with sliding door are an ideal alternative to deteriorated wooden buildings.

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California Dept. of Parks & Rec.

Environment: Redwood Forest

Location: Northern California

Application: Potable Water Treatment Equipment Shelters

Highlights:  Team overcomes spotted owl season, wheelbarrow only access, and other environmental concerns to deliver shelter to a remote location.

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Meridian Water and Sewer

Environment: Residential Areas

Location: East Lansing, Michigan

Application: Well Pump Enclosures

Highlights:  Shelter Works combines high-tech and low-tech options: high-tech security features utilizing natural skylights and a limited, low-tech electrical package that could be easily disconnected.

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BAE Systems

Environment: Airfield

Location: California

Application: Radar System Enclosure

Highlights:  Shelter Works created a frangible but sturdy, secure shelter that could repeatedly withstand the forces of a jet wash.

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Oil Field

Environment: High Elevations and Heavy Snow Loads

Location: Rocky Mountains

Application: Valves and Piping Shelter

Highlights:  All-weather shelter features hatches that allow access to the equipment while protecting workers.

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City of Carrolton

Environment: River Floodplain

Location: Illinois

Application: Elevated Well Pump Enclosure

Highlights: The shelter is mounted on a pedestal and features insulated walls and floors to keep pipes from freezing.

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Gas Company

Environment: Rural Areas

Location: Illinois

Application: Natural Gas Wellhead Separator Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works replaces small metal buildings with larger fiberglass shelters for improved productivity and lower costs.

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Sacramento County Water Agency

Environment: Water Treatment Plants

Location: California

Application: Corrosion Resistant Chemical Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works supplied a series of multi-room fiberglass chemical buildings to contain the fumes in one room and allow other equipment to be protected in another room.

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Environment: Rooftop of Commercial Building

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Application: Rooftop Cell Tower Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works' lightweight shelters offer an ideal solution for rooftop applications.

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Public Utility

Environment: Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Johnson City, TN

Application: Lift Station Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works' service technicians perform onsite fabrication and installation of double doors into the existing shelter.

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Village of Williamsburg

Environment: Corporate Campus

Location: Williamsburg, Ohio

Application: Grit Washer and Mechanical Bar Screen Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works creates multi-level shelter to place on an existing concrete slab poured at two different elevations with an 18-inch difference in height.

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Prominent Fluid Controls

Environment: Shelters with Slippery Substances

Location: Nationwide

Application: Elevated Spill Containment Floor Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works installs elevated fiberglass grid flooring that can contain 550 gallons of liquid - allowing workers to safely walk on flooring in case of spill.

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Coal Company

Environment: Coal Mine

Location: Logan, West Virginia

Application:  Field Equipment Shelter

Highlights:  Shelter Works designs and builds special "flattened roof" so shelter can be delivered under low-clearance overpass.

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Longstanding Customer

Environment: Remote Location

Location: Tennessee

Application: Lift Station Enclosure

Highlights:  Shelter Works designs and delivers customized shelter within five weeks.

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Utility Company

Environment: Post Hurricane Rita

Location: Louisiana

Application: Hurricane Proof Shelters

Highlights:  Shelter Works shelters survives hurricane without even a ding on it despite ample damage to houses, trees, and other buildings in the immediate area. 

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Shelter Works' Customers

Environment: All types

Location: Nationwide

Application: Delivery of Prefabricated Shelters

Highlights:  Customers share comments on their experiences with our exceptional delivery drivers.

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