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Protecting Regulator Station Scada Systems In The DesertCase Study

The Project

Western Gas Technologies is a Manufacturer's Representative serving the Natural Gas and Energy Industries. They represent Shelter Works in the West Coast and Southwest states of CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, UT, and AZ. In 2023, they worked with Shelter Works to provide four identical shelters to one of their customers in Arizona. Their customer required long-term reliable protection for Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) and communications equipment controlling new regulator stations.

Jason Dellow at Western Gas Technologies explained that the regulator stations regulate and control the pressure of the natural gas as it travels through the pipelines and enters the downstream distribution network. The SCADA monitors, controls, and optimizes the operations of the regulator stations to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to end users.

fiberglass building for scada systems

Durable Shelters

fiberglass equipment shelter for scada systems


The shelters are located in the Sonoran Desert, about an hour outside of Phoenix, where summer temperatures easily exceed 100° + for three months out of the year, and winter temperatures can occasionally dip to freezing. Their customer relies on the 3-inch foam in the walls, estimated R-value 21, and 4" foam in the ceilings, estimated R-value 28, to complement site-installed HVAC for temperature regulation.

The shelters also have 19/32 OSB inside the walls, roofs, and doors. The wood, along with the upgraded insulation, increases the structural integrity of the shelters. The wood also provides the reinforcement needed to hang heavy equipment.

The shelters have metal base skids, fiberglass floors, and vinyl tile walking surfaces. Metal base skids are ideal for shelters located in rough terrains. The skids offer a sturdy foundation that resists rot, decay, and pests while providing additional structural support during transport and adverse weather conditions. The 4-inch height of the skid also facilitates drainage, preventing pooling water that can occur during monsoon storms. They can easily be placed on rough, unprepared surfaces or, in this case, on a pre-poured cement foundation.

Why Fiberglass

Fiberglass shelters have superior weatherability and can withstand damage from blowing sand, which can catalyze rot and corrosion in other shelter materials. The gel coats used by Shelter Works provide:

These fiberglass shelters with thicker wall insulation, wood in the walls, and metal base skids will provide long-lasting, trusted protection to the SCADA systems they house.

When asked about his experience working with Shelter Works, Jason Dellow stated, "Shelter Works provided exceptional service from order to shipment. Their team guided us through the selection process and collaborated closely during initial engineering & drawing submittals. Production updates were timely, and any issues were quickly addressed. Their logistics team managed smooth delivery to our customer's site. The Shelter Works experience demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to exceeding expectations".