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Equipment Enclosure for AquariumsCase Study

Fiberglass Shelters Resist Heat and Humidity

Alabama is hot and humid and along the water’s edge, it’s even worse. That’s why the US Department of Agriculture specified Shelter Works to make another equipment enclosure to protect dozens of aquariums at an Alabama research facility. The equipment shelter, which houses 10-12 large tank aquariums in each structure, sits on the property with many other buildings with similar functions. The old building was constructed primarily of wood and was deteriorating in the high humidity environment.

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The USDA conducts disease and pesticide research that is helping fish farmers to be more productive. When asked why the Shelter Works prefabricated buildings are specified and what about them is appealing, general contractor Mike McGinty of ETD Services explains, “Shelter Works is building a product that my client is happy with. Customer satisfaction is what we’re providing. Shelter Works delivers a fully operational building that is within the client’s budget. That’s what they need and that’s what they’re getting. Shelter Works is easy to do business with, and that’s why the USDA keeps coming back to them.”

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