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Other IndustriesFiberglass Equipment Shelters Ideal for All Types of Applications

Applications Include

  • Nuclear
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Oil
  • Petroleum
  • Utilities
  • Military & Government
  • Aquaculture
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Railroad & Transit
  • Transportation
Railroad Fiberglass Buildings Case Study

Railroad & Transit

Transportation industries can have some very stringent requirements for their field equipment protection needs. Railroad and Transit Engineers are looking for long-lasting, attractive shelters with electrical packages that are built exactly to their specifications.

Applications Include

  • Signal Bungalow
  • Signal House
  • Central Instrument House
  • PTC enclosure

Visit our case study section to read about shelter we built for Union Pacific.

Fiberglass Shelters on Trucks and Ships

Shelters on Trucks and Ships

Not every shelter we build is designed to protect equipment. We have outfitted both trucks and ships with weather resistant shelters designed primarily to protect people.

In the truck mounted shelter shown here, we created a lighted and temperature controlled “mobile office” for a geological surveying company operating throughout Idaho and Wyoming.

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For another surveying company, we outfitted their sailing vessel with a workout room nicely positioned under the ship’s helicopter pad.

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Aquarium Fiberglass Shelter

Aquarium Shelter

One of the key characteristics of Shelter Works fiberglass shelters is that they can handle heat and humidity without rusting, rotting, corroding or decaying.

For that reason and others, our shelters were chosen for another unique application – to protect dozens of aquariums at a U.S. Department of Agriculture research facility in Alabama.

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Fiberglass Shelter for Brine Making Equipment

Shelter for Brine Making Equipment

While many of the equipment shelters that we build supply our key industries (water and wastewater, natural gas, telecom, energy and aviation), there is virtually no limit to what type of equipment we can protect.

In this example, we were tasked with protecting Brine Xtreme®, a self-contained, self-cleaning brine-making system used by Ohio DOT to treat icy roads. Given the importance of these systems running properly during freezing weather, our fiberglass shelters were an obvious choice.

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