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Sizes & WeightsHundreds of "Standard Sizes" or Customized to Your Needs

Generally speaking, we offer our shelters in increments of 2 feet with the widest building we can ship in one piece being about 16 feet wide. Lengths can exceed 50 feet and we have made many larger buildings that have been shipped to the job site in two pieces. Standard height for our buildings are 6′, 8′, 9′ and 10′, but any custom heights are available to meet the needs of your particular application.

Up to 16' wide
Lengths in Excess of 50'
Standard Heights of 6', 8', 9' and 10'
Custom Heights Available
Larger 2-Piece Buildings
Pound for Pound Stronger than Steel

Pound for Pound Stronger than Steel

Shelter Works fiberglass shelters are often specified because they are so much lighter than a typical steel or concrete structure.  Our buildings weigh just 2.25 PSF (or 3.75 PSF if they are reinforced with OSB).  So, the weight of a typical 8 x 8 x 8′ shelter is:

  • Concrete Shelter: 19,000 lbs.
  • Steel Shelter: 2,215 lbs.
  • Shelter Works Shelter: 1,200 lbs.

That’s 30% less than the steel shelter and 92% less than the weight of the concrete building.  Plus, even though is it much lighter, our proprietary FiberBeam™ Technology ensures that it is still pound for pound stronger than steel and can be certified to withstand hurricane force winds and hold up against Alaskan snow loads.
Note: Weights do not include floors or integration equipment like HVAC units, etc.

How much do our shelters weigh?

Benefits of Lightweight Shelters:

  • Super-fast installation - typically in hours, not days
  • Can be offloaded and installed with equipment commonly found at most construction sites - a backhoe, front loader, etc.
  • Decreased freight costs
  • Lower costs for installation - particularly labor costs
  • Less complicated foundations
  • Higher safety – very low risk of injury during installation
  • Maximum flexibility of where shelters can go including precarious or extremely remote locations, rooftops, mines, mountains - even onboard an ocean liner
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Small Field Equipment Cabinets

Smaller Field Equipment Cabinets

Don’t need a full-size building? Shelter Works also builds small fiberglass pump enclosures and other customized field equipment cabinets to protect sensitive equipment.

We offer three standard configurations including the Clamshell, the “Big Mouth” and our standard cabinet featuring 2-piece or 3-piece options. Each cabinet is custom-made to your specifications and can be modified for your specific applications.

Learn more about our Field Equipment Cabinets.

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Oversized Shelters & Additions

Delivery Solutions for Oversized Shelters
Creative delivery solutions for oversized shelters.
Delivery for Extra Tall Shelters
See how we built and shipped an extra tall shelter for on-site construction.
Can We Do Additions?
Learn how we create more space with a shelter addition.