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At Shelter Works, we are all inspired by the passion and dedication our founder and president has for designing and building the world's finest fiberglass shelters.  We invite you to watch these video to learn more.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Shelter Features

Fiberglass Shelter Door Options Video Thumb

Shelter Works Door Options

fiberglass shelter containment floor options Video Thumb

Containment Floor Overview

Fiberglass building wall penetrations Video Thumb

Wall Penetrations

Fiberglass shelter R value Video Thumb

How Shelter Works' R-Values Protect in Extreme Environments

Video Thumb

Does Your Shelter Need to be RF Transparent?

Video Thumb

Lighting: Fluorescent vs. LED

fiberglass shelter closed mold doors Video Thumb

Closed Mold Doors

RF transparency of fiberglass shelter Video Thumb

Is A Shelter Works Fiberglass Building RF Transparent?

fiberglass shelter containment floors Video Thumb

How Do We Make Containment Floors?

fiberglass building graffiti proof Video Thumb

Who's Afraid of Graffiti?

fiberglass shelter formed openings Video Thumb

Formed Openings Versus Cut Openings

Industry Specific

fiberglass shelter wastewater industry Video Thumb

Water & Wastewater Industries Overview

oil and gas industry fiberglass shelters Video Thumb

Oil & Natural Gas Equipment Protection

FAA case study on fiberglass shelters Video Thumb

Shelter Works FAA Case Study

Informational Resources

fiberglass versus concrete buildings Video Thumb

Fiberglass vs Concrete Shelters

fiberglass shelter fiberbream wood walls Video Thumb

Shelter Works FiberBeam and Wood in Walls

fiberglass versus metal shelters Video Thumb

Metal vs. Fiberglass

Fiberglass shelter shipping Video Thumb

What To Do When Your Shelter Arrives


Shelter Works fiberglass shelters Video Thumb

How Did Shelter Works Get Its Start

shelter works thanks Video Thumb

What is Shelter Works Grateful For?

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