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Fiberglass BuildingsCustom Equipment Shelters

For over 25 years, Shelter Works has been manufacturing fiberglass shelters, custom fiberglass equipment enclosures and larger fiberglass buildings. All of our prefabricated shelters are engineered to order and built according to specification. We can accommodate orders for shelters of any size, any color and with any components.

Fiberglass Shelters

Experience the DifferenceFiberBeam Technology

Shelter Works shelters derive some of their "Built for Life" characteristics from our proprietary FiberBeam technology.
Learn More About FiberBeam

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With Fiberbeam


Without Fiberbeam

Industries Served


Oil & Gas

Shelter Works® fiberglass equipment shelters are insulated, corrosion resistant and custom made to fit the needs of the various applications in the oil and natural gas industries.


Water & Wastewater

Lightweight fiberglass buildings ideal for the water and wastewater industries – they resist damage from impact, chemicals, water, UV rays and more.



Shelter Works® fiberglass utility shelters are code-compliant, ultra-low maintenance and guaranteed to last.



Learn about our innovative multi-colored and frangible FAA shelters designed to protect radar, landing instrumentation and other airfield equipment.



Shelter Works® fiberglass shelters are engineered specifically to meet the rigid requirements of telecom applications including those requiring RF transparency.


Other Industries

From railroad signal houses and chemical processing equipment enclosures to barge and truck-mounted shelters to protect workers, Shelter Works shelters are ideal for all types of industries.

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Custom -Engineered to Your Specs

Fiberglass shelters in any size or color, for any industry or application with any options you need.

Exceptional Customer Service

We're "easy to do business with," approaching every project with integrity and highest-quality service.

Best-In-Class 25-Year Warranty

Our industry-leading "Built for Life" warranty lasts much longer than concrete or steel equipment shelters.

Proprietary Methodologies

Our FiberBeam & FiberWrap Technologies deliver unsurpassed quality, strength and durability.


FAQsAsk Tracy

Get answers to frequently asked questions from our founder and fiberglass shelter guru, Tracy Switzer.

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