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Grit Washer Protection ShelterCase Study

Long Lasting & Customized Equipment Protection

The Village of Williamsburg, OH Waste Water Treatment Plant needed two fiberglass shelters to protect a grit washer and mechanical bar screen. The bar screen enclosure footprint had to sit on an existing concrete slab poured at two different elevations with an 18 inch difference in height. Roughly half the building would sit up on the higher portion. The grit washer enclosure was installed on a new concrete foundation with two elevations. One doorway would need to be dropped down below the bottom of the walls into a 10-inch-deep notch in the concrete because they needed access to the equipment at both the higher and lower elevations.

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Every Shelter Works® field equipment shelter is custom-made, so we simply created a structure based on the customer’s specifications with some tall walls, some shorter walls, some standard-sized doors and some custom shortened doors. We were even able to lower the doorway 10” below the bottom of the walls as requested. It fit perfectly into the notch in the concrete.


The customer, Chuck Berry, (Project Manager) at Layne Heavy Civil, Inc. said, “Shelter Works was able to accommodate the Engineer’s (Burgess & Niple) design and the Village’s requirements. A lot of effort from all parties through the shop drawing phase made the design work. Installation was quick and we were done in a matter of hours. ” There was no need for messy, costly field modification to the shelter or the concrete slab. Because all the customization and electrical wiring was done at the factory, installation was done within hours using readily-available construction equipment. With both short and tall doors, the shelter had access on both sides and included an explosion-proof electrical package.