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Chemical Storage Building For New Well Case Study

The Project

The Caruthers Community Services District (CCSD) recently started work on a project that includes adding a new water supply well to create a long-term and reliable source of safe drinking water in an area that has historically experienced quality issues.

Caruthers, California, located in California’s Central Valley, has a population of 2100, with 572 households currently serviced by two active wells. This project builds a new well and transmission main that connects it to the existing wells.

3d model chemical storage building

The Shelter

Shelter Works provided a fiberglass chemical storage shelter to protect the chlorine drum and pump located at the well site.

illustration of the fiberglass building for chemical storage


The 4’ x 6’ x 8’ chemical storage building has a complete electrical package that includes a single-phase load center, 2 GFCI Receptacles, a 4’ vapor-proof fluorescent light fixture with a corresponding switch, and a corrosion-resistant shutter mount exhaust fan.

Part of the shelter’s custom design is the 4’ x 4’ wood reinforcement panel manufactured into the interior side of the rear wall of the enclosure. The panel is for mounting the chlorine pump that pulls chlorine from a 55-gallon drum and feeds it through the shelter’s wall to the chlorine injection tap.

The shelter also has a 4068 door with stainless steel 3-point door hardware, 15” x 15” safety glass window, and a trip-proof threshold. The door’s width and threshold make for the replacement of used chemical drums. The window allows a technician to view the equipment inside w/o having to enter the shelter.

Why Fiberglass

Shelter Works fiberglass shelters offer:

Shelter Works fiberglass enclosures will not rust, rot, corrode, or decay. They are custom manufactured to withstand the rigors of the environment and exposure to chemicals like chlorine, sodium bisulfite, and sodium hypochlorite, often used in water and wastewater treatment. They are the ideal solution for chemical storage.