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Booster Pump Station ShelterCase Study


Pumps of Oklahoma is a wholesale distributor and packaged systems provider who works with municipalities and commercial companies to engineer systems for water wells, irrigation, water transfer, pressure boosting, waste water treatment systems and more. When they were called upon to add a pump booster station to increase the water pressure for a rural water district in Mound City, Kansas there were several reasons why they included on Shelter Works to protect that system.

Turnkey Solution

No need to deal with the scheduling and permitting hassles of having to hire multiple outside contractors to build something onsite. Pumps of Oklahoma created a complete, all-in-one, fabricated pump skid station using the Shelter Works field equipment shelter that would protect the pump booster as well as the electrical equipment that monitors and manages that equipment. We wanted a double door entrance in case we need to move or service the equipment at some point in time, and we were able to specify exactly what we wanted. The shelter comes from the manufacturing facility ready to go, with all electrical completely wired–user-friendly and ‘plug-and-play’ ready.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment

Engineered for All Weather

Shelter Works field equipment buildings provide protection from all weather extremes. This pump station sits in a remote field in an environment where temperatures can range from -10°F in winter to 110°F in summer. With air-conditioning units that cool in summer, a heating unit for winter operation, and adjustable louver vents that facilitate airflow in spring and fall, optimal functional temperatures can be maintained.


We put all of our shelters through extensive quality checks to ensure that every shelter will perform to expectations and live up to our claim. Shelter Works field equipment buildings come with a standard 25-year warranty to put customers at ease.

Why Shelter Works

Tyler Engebretson, Outside Sales Representative for Pumps of Oklahoma explained why Shelter Works is such a great solution for them. “We have a custom manufacturing department that engineers one-of-a-kind solutions for unique, site-specific and application specific issues. Shelter Works custom engineered solution was super-easy for us to use, and we were impressed with the value compared to a site-built brick building we could have specified. The building looks great and the customer was very happy; they will probably need another one within eighteen months, and we will be coming back to you for that!