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We considered several metal and fiberglass building options but determined that Shelter Works would provide the best answers to our needs. It was the most practical solution for us. It had all the options we were looking for and looked the nicest. We were very satisfied with these buildings.

Mike M.

Maintenance Supervisor for A Municipal Water and Sewer Authority

Safety and overall lifetime cost were top priorities for this project. Metal buildings tend to corrode quickly in this environment, while fiberglass is extremely low maintenance. Shelter Works builds such a high-quality, structurally sound shelter, the engineers were very happy to specify the Shelter Works buildings.


Sales Representative at A Natural Gas Equipment Sales Company

Shelter Works was able to accommodate the Engineer’s design and the Village’s requirements. A lot of effort from all parties through the shop drawing phase made the design work. Installation was quick and we were done in a matter of hours.

Chuck B.

Project Manager at a Civil Engineer’s Office

I’ve just returned from starting up a Gorman-Rupp station with one of your 6×8 buildings. The station is located in [a city in] LA (you may remember Hurricane Rita!) and was set just prior to the storm. The enclosure did not even have a ding on it, even though there was ample damage to houses, trees, etc. in the immediate area. You need to start claiming that your enclosures are “hurricane proof!”

Ben H.

Equipment Supplier for Water/Waste Water Industry

The primary reason I continue to use their shelters include the quality of the manufactured product, the durability, and the high level of field service. Based on these reasons, I would highly recommend the Shelter Works equipment shelter as a low-cost and highly effective product to protect a variety of field equipment used in the utility industry.

Steven L.

Senior Engineer, Energy Gas Transmission Company

We didn’t even know that Shelter Works could offer this type of a solution, so we were delighted. It was a great experience for us-from submittal packages right through installation, Shelter Works always gives us what we need!

Kevin P.

Project Manager for Natural Gas Equipment Supplier

The attention to customer service and the quality have always been excellent…They also offer options to match our needs, which helps minimize field modifications that can add significant cost to buildings.

John T.

Sr. Project Manager, Engineer’s Office

These buildings will outlast the equipment, so it was important to build in flexibility upfront…The Shelter Works building provided a perfect solution for our needs.

Jake F.

Well and Pump Company

…they have good pricing, they have extremely good products, they have exceptional service, they are always right there when we call them…

Al H.

West Coast Engineer

The end product is magnificent.


Waste Water Treatment Plant Equipment Supplier