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At Shelter Works, we are all inspired by the passion and dedication our founder and president has for designing and building the world's finest fiberglass shelters.  We invite you to watch these videos to learn more.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


What if I need unique door hardware?

What if I need to gain access to my equipment but a door is not the right solution?

What if I need a roof hatch?

What if I don't need a full walk-in shelter?

Why would anyone want an orange building?

What door options are available from Shelter Works?

How do you make multi-colored shelters?

Can I add a skylight to my shelter?


How do I inspect and touch up the caulk on my building?


What if I need a building that does two specific functions in two separate rooms?

How do you properly adjust a door closer?

Are your fiberglass buildings RF transparent?

What if my equipment shelter needs a custom roof?

What is a bulkhead?

What if I need to fit a shelter into a tight spot?

Why are our submittal packages so detailed?

What makes our quality control process so special?

What do you mean by engineered to order?

How do you install that sense of quality through the assembly process?

Why might you need wood in your walls?

Why Would You Need An Explosion Proof Electrical Package?

Can you add on to an existing shelter?

What are your standard sizes?

What makes your doors better?

What is the warranty on your shelters?

Why are formed openings better than cut openings?

What is FiberBeam and why is it so important?

Why is a heavy duty industrial door so important?

For Fun

What happens when a golf ball hits a Shelter Works Building?

Who’s Afraid of Graffiti?

Would a baseball or baseball bat damage a Shelter Works shelter?

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