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25 Year Warranty On Fiberglass Well HousesCase Study

Long Warranty for a Small Town

“We were looking for a 25-year warranty for two well houses, and no one else would give that to us.”

That’s what Horner & Shifrin’s Southeast Missouri Regional Manager John Burgelin said about a recent water project he led. According to him, Shelter Works’ industry-leading 25-year warranty was the deciding factor for the town of Alton, Missouri, as they looked to replace two old dilapidated stick-frame well houses that protect the well piping and equipment in these buildings.

Burgelin works out of the Poplar Bluff, Missouri, office of Horner & Shifrin, a full-service engineering firm that works in Water and Wastewater, Transportation, Civil/Site, Survey and GIS, Structural Bridge and Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Construction Services and Material Testing. 

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In the water utilities sector specifically, they work on local, state, and federally funded water and waste water projects for towns throughout Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. This particular effort was a federally funded project meant to help Alton’s aging water infrastructure, Burgelin explained. “Funding for utilities in smaller communities is always tight, so this particular project needs to serve this community for the next 25 to 50 years. The current structures are literally crumbling, with walls falling in due to age and deterioration. Making sure these well houses were done right (and would last) became a major priority for everyone involved. Shelter Works’ 25-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship was just what was needed.”

Finding the Right Solution

As they began their analysis and explored options so they could make the best recommendations for this particular project, they looked at several alternatives for protecting this equipment. “Price is obviously always a factor, and a Shelter Works building is not the cheapest option. But we needed a building that was:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather-tight
  • Secure
  • Long lasting
  • Insect resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Well insulated
fiberglass shelter, fiberglass shelters, fiberglass equipment shelters

“When we compare the cost, hassle and time restraints of a site-built block building versus Shelter Works pre-fabricated fiberglass shelter, we found it more beneficial to specify the pre-fabricated Shelter Works well houses. They came fully assembled and were very easy to install. When the buildings arrived, they were able to simply lift them off the truck, place them down on the concrete pads and be done in a matter of hours!”

They also found that Shelter Works was “absolutely fabulous to work with.“ Shelter Works worked diligently with the people of Alton to make sure that everything was just right. “The customer service team was amazing to work with. In addition to helping with specifications and customization, Shelter Works was able to include corrosion resistant fixtures and LED lighting for the building.”

Burgelin went on to say, “In addition to specifying custom-engineered well houses that would be perfect for their field equipment protection needs, the consistent focus on customer service made the folks in this small town feel like superstars, and we would definitely recommend working with them again.”