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Fiberglass Equipment Shelter in Florida

Last month, we showed you The Shelter, a fun video we made to take to trade shows throughout the coming year. We premiered the mini movie at WEFTEC and sent you a link to check it out as well.

But what about the REAL shelter?

Actually, the video was shot on location at the Northwest Water Reclamation Center in St. Petersburg Florida. The team members at the Northwest Reclamation Center were so kind throughout the shooting schedule, even allowing us to film at night to make a more dramatic movie. We’re grateful for their willingness to accommodate our strange request.

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The building is the only fiberglass equipment shelter on the site. It is a motor control center that houses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as a part of a return waste sludge system located at the wastewater treatment plant. The building was put in a few years ago to store very costly, very delicate electronic and electrical equipment that requires protection from Florida’s inclement weather

There was a desire to put the electronic control equipment closer to the machinery it is controlling, so the city engineers took the opportunity to install this efficient building to protect the equipment closer to the site. Sylvia Rosario, Chief Plant Operator of the Northwest Reclamation Center, told us, “It’s a wonderful building! Because of where we are situated, we needed something that would be storm-resistant. We have no issues, no leaking whatsoever, even though we’ve had some really big storms. It is climate controlled and thermally stable, keeping things cool and dry. There’s a lot of heat and moisture here, so having the Shelter Works building is critically important for the proper operation of this equipment.”