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Water Treatment Equipment ShelterCase Study


There was a need for several field equipment shelters at a water treatment plant being built to deliver 2,000,000 gallons of water per day to serve a southwest community. The processes at this plant require certain chemicals be added to the water to maintain safe, potable water that is germ-free.

In order to facilitate proper processing of the water for the town, three separate Shelter Works buildings were required to protect the field equipment used for these processes. One building protects equipment that doses anti-scalant (a chemical that protects the Reverse Osmosis membrane elements), another raises the pH levels for the water by using dosing pumps that carefully manage the addition of proper amounts of sodium hydroxide, and the third building houses equipment that ensures the proper levels of calcium chloride (required by law) to be added which prevents any biological growth.

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Custom Project for Specific Needs

All of these pumps and controls are controlled by a SCADA system and protected by Shelter Works field equipment shelters. We spoke with Allan Wright, Site Construction Manager of H2O Innovation, who explained how the system functions and why Shelter Works buildings were specified. “Our company has worked with Shelter Works in the past and has been really pleased with the quality of the field equipment buildings Shelter Works provides,” Wright explained that each shelter is mounted on its own cement pad, has a main access door, interior and exterior lighting and vent fans to ensure proper ventilation (which is particularly important when working with these vital chemicals). When asked how the buildings have been received, Wright said “Shelter Works make some really great products so we couldn’t be happier.”

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