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Fiberglass Shelter Safeguards Oxygen GeneratorCase Study

The Project

Eco-Tech, Inc. of Holly Springs, Georgia sells and services engineered equipment to the municipal water and wastewater industries. They represent Shelter Works in Alabama, Georgia, and northwest Florida. They recently worked with Shelter Works to provide a fiberglass shelter that houses an oxygen generator at the South River WRC that services portions of the Atlanta area.

fiberglass shelter for oxygen building

Oxygen Generator

fiberglass shelter with an oxygen generator

The oxygen generator is located near the effluent pump station. It produces oxygen from ambient air that is then injected into the effluent prior to discharge. Increased oxygen levels in effluent water creates a favorable environment for good bacteria to thrive. It boosts oxygen levels, so the effluent doesn’t degrade the 20-mile pipeline it travels to its discharge waters. This is especially important during the warmer months when the water temperature increases, causing dissolved oxygens levels to decrease.

Shelter Features

The 10’ x 14’ x 8’ shelter protects a 6’ x 7’ x 5’-5” pump system. The shelter’s dimensions allow for a 2’ wide walking space around the pump for easy maintenance. A fluorescent lighting package increases visibility within the shelter. The enclosure has 6’ double door access with a trip-proof threshold to simplify moving equipment in and out of the building. It also includes a 20” exhaust fan with corresponding 24” intake louver to cycle fresh air through the shelter.

The End Result

According to Steve Hart, President at Eco-Tech, Inc., the end user chose a prefabricated fiberglass shelter because of the ease of installation. They wanted the building to arrive on site and ready to set in place with minimal site work required.

When asked about his experience working with Shelter Works on this project, Hart stated, “Shelter Works was responsive and a pleasure to work with throughout the project design, installation and start up.”