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Penetrations & AccommodationsMultiple Access Points to Fit Around Your Equipment

Whether it be for electrical conduit, piping, or any other number of reasons, it happens frequently. To make sure that the shelter isn’t compromised, we can engineer the building with a variety of access options to meet your exact specifications.

fiberglass shelter Wall Penetrations Video

Wall Penetrations

Shelter Works fiberglass field equipment shelters offer three main options for adapting your shelter to your equipment when wall penetrations are needed.

  • Bulkheads
  • Knockout Panels
  • Formed Openings

With these three options, you can accommodate existing and future wall penetrations without compromising the integrity of the wall’s core. Watch the overview video to learn more.

Regulator Station Blue Overlay

Wall Penetration Options

fiberglass shelter Bulkheads


A wall area with no foam core to allow you to cut through the fiberglass without exposing the core.

Fiberglass Shelters Formed Openings

Formed Openings

Reinforced openings for vents, roof hatches, HVAC access and much more.

Fiberglass Shelter Knock-Out Panels

Knock-Out Panels

A cutout area of the wall that is useful for setting buildings over existing pipes. This allows for 360° access to equipment.