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Fiberglass Shelters and BuildingsFor America's Toughest Industries

Our fiberglass shelters are some of the strongest, most flexible, most cost-effective, and highest-performing equipment shelters in the industry. If you are looking for less hassle, less cost, and more durability and performance, you should consider Shelter Works.

Multi-Colored Shelters

Why Shelter Works

We are an American-based manufacturer of equipment buildings with over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing equipment enclosures for every industry. We take pride in the quality and durability of our equipment buildings and are dedicated to delivering the right protective solution and optimal operating environment for your critical field equipment. We provide equipment protection solutions for both industrial and municipal applications throughout the country. Our fiberglass field equipment shelters meet most military, government, and enterprise equipment enclosure needs.

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Options and Accessories

Options & Accessories

At Shelter Works, we've built a reputation for supplying world-class equipment shelters custom engineered to our client's specifications.  We manufacture shelters in virtually any size or color, for any industry or application and with a huge variety of options and accessories including...

  • Sizes and Weights
  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Colors
  • Floors and Bases
  • Doors and Access
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Penetrations and Accommodations
  • Windows
  • Skylights
Weather Resistant

Compare to Other Options

There are a lot of reasons to choose Shelter Works' field equipment shelters.  They withstand extremes temperatures and weather while resisting damage from impact, chemicals, water, UV rays, or corrosive conditions.  They are strong, yet super-light and maintain their appearance - virtually maintenance-free. Best of all, they typically provide the lowest total cost of ownership of any type of shelter.

See how they compare to other commonly considered alternatives.

Another big benefit is that Shelter Works shelters are completely built offsite and then installed quickly and cost-effectively on-site.  See 10 reasons to choose a prefab shelter.

Regulator Station Blue Overlay

Other Important Information

Delivery and Installation
Delivery & Installation
Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance & Repair
Cabinets and Enclosures
Cabinets & Enclosures