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Compare Shelter WorksSee How Shelter Works Fiberglass Shelters Compare to Concrete, Metal and More

Want to know why so many customers are switching from brick, steel, aluminum, wood, cinder block or concrete shelters to Shelter Work? Here's why:


Shelter Works fiberglass buildings feature an incredibly energy efficient encapsulated foam core - no metal structural members to transfer extreme outside temperatures into the building.


Shelter Works shelters are proven to withstand extreme temperatures, hurricane-force winds, excessive Alaskan snow loads, and the corrosive air in coastal areas.


Our "Built for Life" shelters are backed by a 25 year warranty, require minimal maintenance and can be cleaned, repaired or expanded with relative ease.


Our shelters can typically be installed in less than a day with minimal manpower - using common construction equipment.


Get EXACTLY what you need; customize the size, color, features and options of our buildings to meet all your special requirements.


Pound for pound stronger than steel thanks to our proprietary FiberBeam™ technology.


Composite materials have the highest strength to weight ratio structures known to man


Aesthetically pleasing structures won’t corrode, rot, rust or decay


Resists damage from impact, chemicals, water, and UV rays

Aesthetically Pleasing

Shelters feature a faux brick finish and come in 4 standard colors or can be custom color-matched to your specifications – even multi-colored.

Shelter Works Fiberglass vs. Metal, Concrete & More 

Not sure which construction material and method is best suited for your application?  See how our shelters compare to metal, concrete and more. 


Compare to Metal Shelters

See how Shelter Works fiberglass shelters compare to steel and aluminum shelters across key variables like strength, corrosion resistance, useful lifespan and more.


Compare to Concrete Shelters

Concrete shelters are often specified for their strength and durability, but their heavy weight and other limitations make them less than ideal for many applications. 


Compare Prefabricated Shelters to On-Site Construction

Shelter Works prefabricated shelters eliminate all of the issues associated with on-site construction.  Read our Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Prefabricated Shelter.


Compare FiberBeam™ Technology to Non-Structural Fiberglass

Learn about the big difference between a Shelter Works "Built for Life" fiberglass shelter featuring FiberBeam technology and a typical fiberglass shelter.