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Energy IndustryUtility Shelters that are Code Compliant, Ultra-Low Maintenance, and Guaranteed to Last

Applications Include

  • CEMS
  • Switchgear and Motor Control
  • Power Distribution
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Electrical Control House
  • Metering
  • SCADA and AMR
  • Battery Rooms
  • Telecommunications

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Molded Surfaces with Encapsulated Core Materials Improves strength, longevity, structural integrity and energy efficiency
Maintenance-Free Design Lowest lifetime cost of ownership
50+ Year Lifespan with 25 Year Warranty Provides confidence and peace of mind
Lightweight Design Reduces freight and crane costs
Corrosion Resistant Will not rust, rot, corrode, or decay
Tamper-Resistant Construction Increases shelter security
Impact Resistant Absorbs impact without damage
Energy Efficient Reduces operating and energy costs
UV Resistant Minimizes fading and chalking on exterior surfaces
Exclusive FiberBeam™ Construction Ultra-strong — pound for pound stronger than steel
Easy to Install Cuts field construction time and labor costs
Graffiti-Resistant Finish Ensures easy clean-up if shelter is tagged with paint
RF Transparent Improves radio transmission signals
Field Erectable Allows freedom to build on-site in hard-to-reach locations
Customizable Provides unlimited size and feature options
Regulator Station Blue Overlay

Field Equipment Case Studies

Containment Floor Case Study
Containment floor protects against spills at nuclear power plant.
Knight Hawk Coal Case Study
Heated shelter protects critical equipment and Knight Hawk Coal.
Power Plant Fiberglass Building Case Study Callout
Shelter Works helps power plant become safer and more efficient.

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Today’s engineers need to keep up with the latest to leverage cutting-edge polymer science and innovative equipment shelter construction methodologies in composite building construction to solve a broad range of issues associated with equipment protection.


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