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Aviation IndustryFAA Shelters That Meet Your Exact Needs

We have been serving the aviation industry for decades, providing customized solutions for both public and military airfield applications.

Shelter Applications Include

  • Radar Systems
  • Approach Lighting Systems
  • Instrumentation Landing Systems (ILS)
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Centerline Equipment
  • Glide Slope Equipment
  • Localizer Antenna Array VOR
Multi-Colored Fiberglass Shelters

Multi-Colored Shelters

Our field equipment shelters are patterned with the alternating FAA Orange and White colors outlined in the IACO’s Aerodrome Standards. They are designed to meet airfield frangibility requirements while maintaining our 25-year warranty and living up to our “Built for Life” motto.

These colors come from the same gelcoats we use in all our shelters. The gelcoat is molecularly bonded during the production process so there will be no chipping, flaking, peeling, or cracking of the color.

Watch the video to see how this is done.

Frangibility of Fiberglass Shelters


Designing a building that will limit damage to an aircraft while still being strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds is no easy task.

It certainly can’t be accomplished with shelters made from concrete or metal and while some wood construction may work, wood shelters are typically weaker and require significantly more maintenance than fiberglass shelters.

At Shelter Works, we have developed a solution. Our shelters are strong enough to withstand the rigors of the runway while being “crushable” enough to meet FAA frangibility standards.

RF Transparency of Fiberglass Buildings

RF Transparency

Shelter Works’ proprietary wall construction does not utilize metal framing therefore reducing radio frequency interference. Our prefabricated fiberglass buildings can be constructed to accommodate multiple frequencies to help maximize signal reach and reception. Insulating materials can be increased for higher R-values while not diminishing RF Transparency.

Watch the video to learn more.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Molded Surfaces with Encapsulated Core Materials Improves strength, longevity, structural integrity and energy efficiency
Maintenance-Free Design Lowest lifetime cost of ownership
50+ Year Lifespan with 25 Year Warranty Provides confidence and peace of mind
Lightweight Design Reduces freight and crane costs
Corrosion Resistant Will not rust, rot, corrode or decay
Tamper-Resistant Construction Increases shelter security
Impact Resistant Absorbs impact without damage
Energy Efficient Reduces operating and energy costs
UV Resistant Minimizes fading and chalking on exterior surfaces
Exclusive FiberBeam™ Construction Ultra-strong — pound for pound stronger than steel
Easy to Install Cuts field construction time and labor costs
Graffiti-Resistant Finish Ensures easy clean-up if shelter is tagged with paint
RF Transparent Improves radio transmission signals
Field Erectable Allows freedom to build on-site in hard-to-reach locations
Customizable Provides unlimited size and features options.
Regulator Station Blue Overlay

FFA Shelter Case Studies

FAA Case Study
Shelter Works replaces non-FAA-compliant metal shelters with 15 fiberglass shelters.
FAA Fiberglass Shelter Case Study
See how we helped the U.S. Air Force with a customized shelter to meet extensive code requirements.
FAA Fiberglass Building Case Study
Shelter Works builds large-scale radar system shelter for California airfield.

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