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As a supplier of prefabricated, drop-in-place equipment shelters, Shelter Works can outfit your building with all of its necessary electrical components.

fiberglass enclosure lighting
General Purpose
fiberglass shelter lighting
Explosion Proof
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Full Integration Packages
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Battery Backup
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Integrated Lighting
Fiberglass Shelter Explosion Proof

Explosion Proof

Shelter Works buildings are used for many applications, some of which require explosion proof electrical packages. When a room is going to contain gases or just there will be gases present in the room that could be ignited by a spark, you want to make sure there’s an explosion-proof electrical package in your enclosure.

Shelter Works electricians are trained in explosion proof and hazardous location applications, so let us know what kind of hazard you have in your application. We’ll design a system that will work specifically for that hazard.

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Fiberglass Shelter Battery Backup

Battery Backup

We also offer two types of battery powered back-up lighting; emergency and stand-by. In a sudden power outage, emergency lights instantly provide 54 watts of incandescent illumination for 90 minutes. Wired differently, stand-by lights can be controlled by a switch which reserves the battery power until it is needed.That way your 90 minutes begin once the light switch is turned on. This is especially handy when repairs can’t begin immediately.