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Creative Solutions for Unusual Delivery Situations

At Shelter Works, we help you think through all the details of your project, from componentry to delivery and installation. We think of our customers as partners, and we know you need it to be right for your job. And sometimes that means thinking outside the box.

One of our customers needed to protect some field equipment in a coal mine in Logan, West Virginia. Because we serve the mining industry, this is a pretty straightforward job…except for the delivery. About 3 miles from where the fiberglass shelter was to be installed, there is a low overpass that created clearance problems for the originally-requested building. One solution the client proposed was to deliver the shelter to the overpass, unload it, carry it beyond the overpass and then put it back on the truck.

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But at Shelter Works, our buildings are all custom-made. So, the less expensive solution was to design a flatter roof that would allow for the clearance needed without the extra expense of additional moving equipment and man-hours.

For another customer who needed a fiberglass building in Grandview Lakes, Indiana, a larger 20 x 20 shelter was needed. Such a large building would be extremely over sized to consider shipping as one piece. By designing a special roof and delivering the building in two halves, we eliminated the need for special delivery charges or police escort to deliver the shelter. Putting the two halves together again on the job site was a breeze for the contractor, and the final result looked like one piece.

With a little ingenuity and a true attitude of partnership, we can make sure your next protection project brings you true peace of mind.