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Natural Gas Industry

Applications Include

  • Gas Storage
  • Well Heads
  • City Gates
  • Distribution & Transmission
  • Instrumentation
  • Regulator Stations
  • Metering Stations
  • Odorizer Buildings
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Water Separation
  • Analyzer
Long Lasting Fiberglass Shelter for Oil and Gas Industry


Shelter Works' shelters are engineered to perform and manufactured with our exclusive FiberBeam™ Technology - a process that yields lightweight shelters that are pound for pound stronger than steel.

They are built to withstand severe weather, extreme temperatures, and corrosive environments - lasting well past their 25-year warranty and providing dependable protection you can trust.

Plus, they are reusable and can be easily moved from one service point to another.

Low Maintenance Fiberglass Shelter for Oil and Gas Industry


Constructed of UV resistant gel coats that can withstand decades of exposure to the elements with minimal fading, our shelters will not rust, rot, corrode or decay.

Plus, they resist graffiti and have a lower lifetime cost of ownership than shelters made in other materials like wood, metal or concrete.  See how our fiberglass shelters compare.

25-Year Warranty Fiberglass Shelter for Oil and Gas Industry


We view our relationships with our clients as continuing partnerships; they rely on us to provide long-term solutions that protect for decades. A 25 year warranty conveys that sense of partnership and gives customers peace of mind

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Molded Surfaces with Encapsulated Core Materials Improves strength, longevity, structural integrity and energy efficiency
Maintenance-Free Design Lowest lifetime cost of ownership
50+ Year Lifespan with 25 Year Warranty Provides confidence and peace of mind
Lightweight Design Reduces freight and crane costs
Corrosion Resistant Will not rust, rot, corrode or decay
Tamper-Resistant Construction Increases shelter security
Impact Resistant Absorbs impact without damage
Energy Efficient Reduces operating and energy costs
UV Resistant Minimizes fading and chalking on exterior surfaces
Exclusive FiberBeam™ Construction Ultra-strong — pound for pound stronger than steel
Easy to Install Cuts field construction time and labor costs
Graffiti-Resistant Finish Ensures easy clean-up if shelter is tagged with paint
RF Transparent Improves radio transmission signals
Field Erectable Allows freedom to build on-site in hard-to-reach locations
Customizable Provides unlimited sizes and feature options
Regulator Station Blue Overlay

Oil and Natural Gas Case Studies

Knoxville Utilities Fiberglass Enclosures
Knoxville Utilities Board Saves Ratepayer’s Money with Fiberglass Enclosures
Protection for SCADA Systems
Protection for SCADA Systems and Odorizer Equipment
Analyzer Fiberglass Shelters
Fully Integrated Analyzer Shelters
Custom Compression Equipment Protection Fiberglass Shelter
Custom Engineered Compression Equipment Protection Shelter

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