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Heated Equipment ShelterCase Study


That’s how Lloyd Sanders, Senior Project Manager at Beumer Group, described his experience buying a field equipment shelter from Shelter Works. Beumer Group supplies conveyor systems and equipment for the transportation of bulk and piece goods around the world and turned to Shelter Works for guidance on how best to protect its critical safety equipment.

In the Knight Hawk Coal Mine in Pinckneyville, Illinois, a new air compressor was installed to enhance the proper functioning of the 4.3 mile long conveyor system that brings coal out of the Knight Hawk mines. The air compressor powers a safety slide gate that shuts off the flow of coal in emergency situations. It’s part of the facility’s safety system that protects personnel and systems at the coal mine.

The shelter was a 6’ x 8’ building that had a heater, an exhaust fan and double doors that allowed access for maintenance and provided heat and ventilation for proper functioning of the equipment. Sanders explained, “We went with Shelter Works because they were able to provide exactly what we needed for our application. Shelter Works made strong suggestions for exactly what kind of heaters and venting mechanisms would be best. We were so pleased because it was all there, all in one package. Since they have done this so many times before for so many others, we were able to leverage Shelter Works expertise and be confident that the equipment would be protected properly.”

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We asked Sanders if he considered other options, and he explained, “We did consider buying a steel building, but it wasn’t as good of a choice as the Shelter Works building. The Shelter Works shelter won us over because it had so many more features we preferred. The steel buildings aren’t as corrosion resistant and didn’t have a 25-year warranty like Shelter Works. Even though the steel buildings have multiple, predetermined sizes, those fixed sizes were either too little or too big for what we needed. Shelter Works was able to make it exactly the size we needed. And finally, the steel buildings were more expensive than the Shelter Works option.”

Aside from the materials, functionality, finish and overall aesthetics of the shelter, the Beumer team also appreciated the benefits of getting a completely prefabricated mining industry equipment shelter delivered on-site. Installation was a breeze, as Sanders told us, “Once I was able to figure out what we needed and determined that Shelter Works could meet my needs, that shelter became one of my favorite purchases of the year. Everything went so smoothly.”

Sanders and his team were grateful for the comprehensiveness of the package. He said, “It was simple, clean and easy to install; there were absolutely no issues whatsoever. We knew when it was going to arrive (and it did show up exactly as scheduled, ready to go, which is not what we were accustomed to experiencing). We had already prepped the area, set down the compressor on the concrete pad and then lifted the pre-wired shelter down onto the slab. It was done in one afternoon. We just had to bring electricity to the slab and basically plug it in!”

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