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ApplicationsFiberglass Shelter Applications

Shelter Works fiberglass enclosures are engineered and manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, caustic environments and severe weather.  Our clients utilize our fiberglass shelters for a variety of municipal and industrial applications in industries like water & wastewater, natural gas and telecommunications. They are a hassle-free and durable protective solution with a low lifetime cost of ownership.

Applications for Fiberglass Shelters, Enclosures, and Cabinets

Learn more about how our shelters are constructed, options & accessories, and more.

boiler room chemical dosing closure
Boiler Room Chemical Dosing Enclosure
chemical storage building
Chemical Storage
leachate pump station
Leachate Pump
fiberglass pump house elevated for floodplain
Pump House Elevated for Floodplain
fiberglass equipment shelter for sprinkler system
Sprinkler System
Equipment Shelter
fiberglass shelter for brine making system
Brine Making System Shelter
telecom equipment shelter
Public Safety Radio Equipment Shelter
fiberglass shelter for water pump
Water Booster
Pump Station
scada and odorizer shelters
SCADA System
faa shelters
BAK-12 Arresting
Gear Shelter
fiberglass well houses
compressor shelter and valve enclosure
Compressor Shelter and Valve Enclosure
scada building and chemical dosing enclosure
SCADA Building and Chemical Dosing Enclosure
chemical feed building
Chemical Feed And Monitoring Systems
Natural Gas Analyzer Shelter
Natural Gas
Analyzer Shelter
Electrical Equipment Shelter
Electrical Equipment
Railroad Bungalo
Lift Station
LACT Skid Enclosure
Fish Guidance and Deterrent System Enclosure
Fish Guidance and
Deterrent System Enclosure
Additional Fiberglass Shelter Applications
Pump Skid Station Public Radio Equipment Shelter CO2 Storage Shelter
Water Treatment System Shelter Water Filtration System Enclosure Regulator Station Shelter
Natural Gas Regulator Station Enclosure Communications Equipment Shelter Mechanical Room Shelter
Aquaculture Shelter Sanitary Lift Station Shelter Chemical Feed Skid with Containment Floor
Microwave Repeater Station Enclosure Telecom Equipment Shelter Wastewater Pumping Station
Flow Control Valve Shelter Rooftop Cell Tower Enclosure Telecom Satellite Equipment Shelter
Chemical Feed System Building Hydroelectric Pipeline Valve Shelter Mobile Field Office Shelter
Headworks Bar Screen Shelter Irrigation Pump Station Shelter Radar System Enclosure