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Fiberglass Cabinets For Natural Gas Instrumentation Package

VRG Controls engineers and manufactures high performance control valves and control instrumentation for natural gas regulation. Their control instrumentation features simplicity and reliability specifically designed for gas pipeline applications. They were looking for a protective solution to package their instrumentation in and decided on Shelter Works 3-piece fiberglass enclosures because of the durability, weight, cost, and flexibility of design.

VRG Controls uses Shelter Works fiberglass (frp) enclosures to secure and protect:

  • Instrumentation for control of pipeline processes
  • Heated supply gas systems to lessen ambient heat loss
  • Complete pipeline control valve installations

3D rendering of a fiberglass equipment enclosure

Two Types of 3-Piece Fiberglass Enclosures

The standard 3-Piece assembly has a single base unit and 2-piece top allowing for two types of access to the equipment inside. The top can either be removed as a single unit by two people, allowing full access, or the front of the cabinet can be lifted off, set aside, and replaced when finished.

The second option, the one used by VRG, is the 3-Piece Hinged assembly. This cabinet has hinges connecting the two top pieces of the cabinet and gas springs to lift and hold the front panel in place. This provides the technician with easier lift access and protection from sun and inclement weather.

Interior of the fiber optic equipment shelter

Working With Shelter Works

Michael Garvey, COO and Founding Partner at VRG explained that VRG utilizes Shelter Works’ cabinets to package their control instrumentation assemblies, supply gas systems and control valves. “The small fiberglass enclosures provide a convenient, pre-engineered protective solution that provides shelter, safety, and security for our equipment. Shelter Works’ aesthetics and simplicity of design are an appealing solution that eliminates design work and/or any difficulties associated with permit requirements.”