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Fiberglass Enclosures & Cabinets Custom Equipment Shelters

We offer three standard configurations including the Clamshell, the “Big Mouth,” and our Freedom Series fiberglass enclosure featuring 2-piece or 3-piece options. Each fiberglass enclosure is custom engineered to your specifications and can be modified for your specific application.

3 Standard Configurations
Easy to Install
Durable fiberglass construction
Weather Resistant
Easily Customizable
Built for Life™
clamshell custom fiberglass enclosure

Weather-Proof and Maintenance-Free

Our custom-engineered fiberglass enclosures are strong enough to withstand any temperature, any weather, any corrosive conditions, and maintain their good looks virtually maintenance-free. They resist damage from impact, chemicals, water, UV rays, and graffiti.

They can be installed in less than a day by just a few people using common construction site equipment. Plus, they are strong and super-light.

Watch the video as Tracy talks about our fiberglass field equipment cabinets and how they can be custom engineered to your specifications. And remember, if it was built by Shelter Works, it was Built for Life™.

Standard Configurations

clamshell fiberglass enclosure

The Clamshell

  • Attaches to new and existing surfaces to protect field equipment
  • Accommodates taller equipment
  • Typically 4’ x 10’ x 7’
  • Fiberglass construction withstands any field environment
two-piece fiberglass cabinet

2 or 3-Piece Cabinets

  • Come in 2-piece or 3-piece options
  • 3’ x 4’ x 5’
  • Allows for full or partial access to equipment
  • Options include gas springs and “lift-off” handles
  • Fiberglass construction withstands any field environment
big mouth fiberglass enclosure

The Big Mouth

  • 3’ x 6’ x 4’
  • Can be attached to new and existing surfaces to protect field equipment
  • Sturdy hardware tough enough to withstand harsh field environments