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Equipment Shelters for the Mining IndustryDurable, Dependable Shelters that Won't Rust, Rot, Corrode, or Decay

Featuring FiberBeam™ technology, these shelters are pound for pound stronger than steel, and can be customized to your exact needs.

Common Applications:

Built For Life

We seek to deliver the highest quality solution for critical field equipment protection while providing unparalleled customer support, an industry-leading warranty and proven field test results.

Our Vision

"If it was built by Shelter Works, it was built for Life."

fiberglass equipment shelter for the mining industry


Shelter Works’ fiberglass buildings are the optimal choice for long-term field equipment protection that can withstand the harsh elements of the mining industry. They are naturally resistant to cracking, peeling, and dents which are catalysts for the rot and corrosion typical to metal and wood buildings. 

Our fiberglass equipment shelters stand up to pollution, humidity, chemicals, and water; all of which can cause extensive damage to shelters located in remote mining locations. Our mining equipment shelters require minimal maintenance yielding a lower lifetime cost of ownership and a longer-lasting shelter that comes with an industry-leading 25 year warranty.

custom equipment enclosure for the mining industry


Every mining equipment shelter we make is engineered to each application’s unique specifications. We offer a wide range of options, packages, and features that allow for a fully customized building that will accommodate both new and existing field equipment.

We manufacture everything from small equipment shelters that house valves and measuring equipment to chemical storage buildings, pump enclosures, and larger buildings that accommodate more complex field equipment.

mining equipment shelter


Our seamless corners and roofs combined with the inherent structural strength of fiberglass, provide a secure, tamper-resistant environment to house critical field equipment. The gel coats we use offer superior UV resistance and weatherability with the added benefit of easy graffiti clean-up.

These advantages make Shelter Works fiberglass shelters ideal for remote mining locations where valuable field equipment and other assets are often unattended for days at a time. 

Shelter Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Molded Surfaces with Encapsulated Core Materials Improves strength, longevity, structural integrity and energy efficiency
Maintenance-Free Design Lowest lifetime cost of ownership
50+ Year Lifespan with 25 Year Warranty Provides confidence and peace of mind
Lightweight Design Reduces freight and crane costs
Corrosion Resistant Will not rust, rot, corrode or decay
Tamper-Resistant Construction Increases shelter security
Impact Resistant Absorbs impact without damage
Energy Efficient Reduces operating and energy costs
UV Resistant Minimizes fading and chalking on exterior surfaces
Exclusive FiberBeam™ Construction Ultra-strong — pound for pound stronger than steel
Easy to Install Cuts field construction time and labor costs
Graffiti-Resistant Finish Ensures easy clean-up if shelter is tagged with paint
RF Transparent Improves radio transmission signals
Field Erectable Allows freedom to build on-site in hard-to-reach locations
Customizable Provides unlimited size and features options.

Mining Shelter Case Studies

copper mining equipment shelter
BMS Enclosure at Copper Mine
coal mining equipment shelter
Heated Equipment Shelter at Coal Mine
coal mine field equipment shelter
Field Equipment Enclosure for Coal Mine