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Protecting Fiber Optic Equipment For Municipal Infrastructure

The Project

The City of Bowling Green, Ohio's Electric Division operates and maintains the City's municipal electric system. They ensure the delivery of uninterrupted power and the installation and maintenance of the City's municipal electrical grid, streetlights, and microwave and fiber optic systems. They recently undertook a project to relieve utility pole congestion, including low-hanging lines and limited growth for telecommunication circuits.

The municipal improvements project reduced congestion by moving the fiber optic splice enclosures from the poles to ground level. The City needed a way to protect the splice trays and patch panels from exposure to moisture, dust, vandalism, and temperature extremes while providing a controlled environment for technicians to work. The City of Bowling Green chose a Shelter Works fiberglass equipment enclosure, a decision that not only safeguarded its equipment but also ensured the reliability and prolonged lifespan of the infrastructure, a significant benefit for the City.

The Shelter

The 8 x 10 x 8 shelter was custom manufactured with long-term energy efficiency in mind. The walls and ceiling are lined with 2-1/2" foam core. The additional insulation regulates the temperature inside of the enclosure to maintain a comfortable work area for technicians. A thermostat operated exhaust fan and motorized damper help to keep interior temperatures below 75 degrees. The increased insulation, combined with the heat generated by the equipment, aids in keeping interior temperatures above freezing during the winter months.

Interior of the fiber optic equipment shelter

Instead of interior lighting, the City opted for a 2' x 2' translucent skylight panel. The ceiling's gel coat and insulation-free section allows enough light in during daylight hours for easy equipment inspection.

The shelter also includes wood in the walls and ceiling. Jim Graham, Electric Technician with the City of Bowling Green, explained that besides the additional structural support provided, the continuous wood throughout the shelter's walls allows them to hang their current equipment where needed, leaving room for expansion without the worry of needing additional support that may void the shelter's 25-year warranty.

The Shelter Work's Bucyrus, OH, facility produced this shelter, allowing the City to benefit from the reduced shipping costs.

The Shelter Works Experience

When asked why they chose a Shelter Works fiberglass building for their project, Graham noted that price and durability were the deciding factors. He also expressed his satisfaction with his experience working with Shelter Works, stating that the communication and overall purchase process was "Excellent!". This positive feedback underscores the reliability and quality of Shelter Works' products and services.

Shelter Works fiberglass enclosures are a dependable and cost-effective solution for safeguarding fiber optic equipment in any operational environment.