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Fiberglass Enclosure for the Mojave Desert

The United States government maintains facilities in every possible climate available-blazing desert heat, ever-frozen Alaskan outposts, Florida airfields that stand up to hurricane season year after year, and military bases in the sticky humidity of the Gulf coast. Each of these government properties has field equipment that needs to be protected, and we find that the personnel in charge of that equipment consistently turn to Shelter Works, over other fiberglass enclosure manufacturers, to protect their equipment in every environment.

Our U.S. military personnel discovered that Shelter Works’ fiberglass enclosures provide the perfect level of protection from heat, UV rays and freezing temperatures. They recently asked us to build an equipment shelter for one such facility located in the high desert area of the Mojave, a remote location that stretches across the Southern part of California and Nevada and the western edge of Arizona. This fiberglass equipment shelter will replace an old dilapidated wooden structure that inadequately protects a water tank and pumping station at the remote site.

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The Mojave offers two temperature extremes. In the summer, the average temperature is 105° F, but there are times of the year when temperatures can push 125° F  for several weeks in a row. In the winter, the temperatures can dip as low as 0° F depending on the elevation. In both seasons, the strong sun exposure makes UV rays an additional point of consideration when choosing proper field equipment protection.  Shelter Works’ exterior gel coats offer a UV coating that provides exceptional protection from hydrolysis, temperature, oxidation, and UV radiation. Our gel coats are applied as part of the manufacturing process for a more even, overall coverage than secondary UV coats that are sprayed on after production. Plus, our proprietary FiberBeamTM construction for this particular shelter includes 1.5″ foam core that insulates and helps to retain equipment generated heat, protecting the pressure tank and electrical equipment from winter temperature lows.

“We are very pleased with the shelter, as it met all our requirements. With its 25-year warranty, we expect it to last a long time and will definitely consider a Shelter Works fiberglass equipment building the next time we need one.”