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Elevated Well Pump Fiberglass BuildingCase Study

We Don't Put Our Fiberglass Buildings on Pedestals, But Our Customers Do

fiberglass equipment shelter, fiberglass equipment shelters, field equipment sheltersAlong the floodplains of the Illinois River, there are well pumps that need to be protected. The city of Carrolton turned to Shelter Works fiberglass buildings for long-lasting, lightweight, low maintenance protection of its critical equipment.

“It was necessary to elevate the buildings to keep any potential Illinois River flooding from contaminating the well water,” explains Jake Freeman, of Brotcke Well and Pump, who installed the package.

The buildings sit on platforms 14 feet above grade, with insulated walls and insulated steel floors to keep the pipes from freezing. A hatch in the top of the building allows for the equipment to be lifted out and replaced over time. When asked why they chose Shelter Works buildings, Freeman explained, “These buildings will outlast the equipment, so it was important to build in flexibility upfront. In addition the fiberglass material is lightweight but, at the same time, very strong. The Shelter Works fiberglass building provided a perfect solution for our needs.”