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Field Equipment Shelter for Septic SystemCase Study

Bio-Gard Systems Protected By Shelter Works

When scaling from individual, residential systems to larger-scale commercial systems, it’s important to make sure that every aspect of your offering is top notch. That’s why Kyle Shern, entrepreneur and owner of Bio-Guard septic systems chooses a Shelter Works fiberglass field equipment shelter to protect the highly unique and innovative septic system equipment he is offering his clients.

Bio-Guard is a company started in 2011 that developed a unique method for processing waste water in such a way that it can be made available for use right away (without having to go to a waste water treatment facility).

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment

For crops, uniform distribution is the Holy Grail of water management. To offset the difficulties of crop management in the arid desert, the Israelis developed a drip irrigation system that will deliver a precise amount of water to their precious olive trees. The inventors of Bio-Guard expanded upon this technology and developed a non-discharging methodology that filters waste water so that it can be delivered directly to the site. This methodology eliminates nitrogen, pathogens and reduces bacteria and then lets the soil take care of the rest. For example, the treated effluent from a clubhouse can be used for golf course irrigation and landscaping. In addition to conserving highly treated, expensive drinking water, wastewater reuse limits the release of nutrient-rich wastewater into environmentally stressed rivers and streams.

Functionality With Performance

STS Global Satellite Stations

The pumps, control panels and variable frequency drives necessary to accomplish this functionality need to be protected and for that, they turned to Shelter Works. The Shelter Works fiberglass field equipment shelter provided a perfect solution due to the following major factors:

Fiberglass Construction

Because it won’t rot, rust or corrode, it’s perfect for this waste water application.


The foam core has insulating properties that can be very helpful in cold weather climates.


It’s a highly attractive building that blends into residential and commercial environment alike.


While it is an incredibly strong building, it is lightweight and easily installed over the concrete pad in a matter of hours.

Kyle said, “The level of quality matches the rest of what we are offering, so it’s a really good fit for us. The office staff was very responsive, and we’re happy that we are able to offer this as a part of our overall package.”