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Why Shelter Works8 Reasons people choose us over the competition

Want to know why so many customers prefer Shelter Works over other manufacturers of fiberglass shelters?

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Unparalleled customer care combined with the goal of creating long-term partnerships with our customers.

Customer Service and Support
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Proprietary FiberBeam™ technology yields shelters that are pound for pound stronger than steel.

FiberBeam™ Technology


Our shelters have a low total-cost-of-ownership. With minimal maintenance required and a longer period of use, our shelters practically pay for themselves.

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Our "Built for Life" shelters are backed by a 25 year warranty.

25 Year Warranty


We work to provide you with EXACTLY what you want.  Not only can you customize the size and color, but we offer one of the industry's largest selection of options and accessories.

Proven Process


Composite materials have some of the highest strength to weight ratios of any materials - making them easy to install and ideal for rooftop applications.

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The Shelter Works team includes ACMA Certified Composite Technicians - people recognized as experts in the field of composite manufacturing.


Will not rust, rot, corrode or decay and resists damage from impact, chemicals, water, and UV rays. Plus, graffiti cleanup is a breeze.

Shelter Works Building

Endless Innovation and Customization

When we say that we work to provide you with EXACTLY what you want, we mean what we say.  All shelters are made to order and built to meet any specification.

From walls built with added reinforcement to containment floors that prevent hazardous spills from exiting a shelter, we offer proven solutions for every element of your shelter's construction.

Visit our Options and Accessories section to learn more about all of your customization opportunities.

Options and Accessories