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All-Weather Equipment ShelterCase Study


When Ohio’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed a salting system in Findlay, Ohio to help the road crews combat harsh winter weather, they turned to Henderson Products Snow and Ice Control Equipment. Henderson Products makes the Brine Xtreme®, a self-contained, self-cleaning brine-making system used by ODOT to treat icy roads and protect drivers in Ohio from hazardous road conditions. The brine unit connects to a water source to produce the proper salinity formulation needed for maximum protection against icy roads. This system is used to supply local road crews with the exact mixtures they need before, during and after a storm.

Why Shelter Works?

Findlay, Ohio is just south of Lake Erie and experiences at least 23 inches of snow per year. Snow and ice commonly cause hazardous road conditions in the Great Lakes Region of the country and beyond, so ODOT has to make sure they have working systems to keep drivers safe. Those systems HAVE to work during the terrible winter weather and to ensure complete protection of its systems, Henderson Products turns to Shelter Works to meet the needs completely.

Guarding Trade Secrets

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Ever-Changing Needs

Because they would need to discuss the intricate workings and configurations of their systems, Henderson Products asked Shelter Works to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Shelter Works was happy to do this, as the company often works with customers who have innovated in their industries with proprietary field equipment systems. Shelter Works protects its customers’ intellectual property as vehemently as it does their physical property.

PE Stamped Drawings

A Professional Engineer’s stamp was required to guarantee all the calculations made during the development of this equipment protection shelter. The team at Henderson was working to meet the requirements of a fairly strict specification written by the State of Ohio for this project. This type of stamp will certify that the structural integrity of the shelter would withstand all wind, snow and seismic loads at its final destination and is very easy for Shelter Works to provide at the request of the customer.

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The Right Solution

Brad Arnold, Commodity Manager of Direct Goods for Henderson Products said, “We’ve been very happy with the Shelter Works shelter.” He explained that, in the past, they may have constructed a tin or wooden building to protect such equipment, but the Shelter Works fiberglass enclosure has many advantages over those other types of structures. For one, the fiberglass construction is impervious to any corrosion. With the addition of fans and a heater for the building, Shelter Works unique FiberBeam™ construction properly insulates the equipment and ensures complete functionality through even the toughest of winter conditions.

Fiberglass Shelter for Satellite Equipment Installation