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Equipment Protection at High ElevationCase Study

Rocky Mountain Shelter

fiberglass equipment shelter, fiberglass equipment shelters, field equipment shelters High up in the Rocky Mountain range, our fiberglass shelters are hard at work, protecting our clients’ field equipment from the harsh elements throughout the winter months.

Randy Kenyon, Professional Engineer for CGRS, Inc. explains, “This shelter was installed in a high elevation area (above 6000 ft), so the structure had to withstand really low temperatures and heavy snow loads. It protects some control valves and water piping that needed to be accessible on the sides. Installation was easy; it fit exactly as promised.”

Aside from the sizing of the structure, the shelter was customized in two different ways:

  • Hatches mounted and controlled by gas springs on either side allowed access the equipment and protection from the elements during service
  • Custom gel coats were used to match Sherwin Williams colors to maximize the attractiveness of the building

Kenyon told us that the client was extremely happy with the shelter, so much so that they will be ordering more! He sent a photo of the building in use and commented, “It is working very well, and we will need additional units too. It is heated inside to about 70 degrees, but you will notice that it is insulated so well that the snow didn’t even melt off the top!”