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FiberWrap™ Technology

In order to pass the ASTM E330/E330M-14 standard test for structural performance, a door has to be able to withstand sustained forces up to 150% of those you might experience in such an extreme weather event. Shelter Works FiberWrap™ doors passed with flying colors.

Fiberwrap Video

Seamless Doors with FiberWrap™ Technology

Shelter Works’ seamless doors are designed and built using our proprietary FiberWrap™ Technology to maximize durability and long-term performance. We form our doors in a two-part mold under pressure and our fiberglass actually wraps seamlessly around the core, creating an incredibly tough and durable door that will withstand decades of use and exposure without failure.

Fiberwrap Door of fiberglass shelter, fiberglass building

Seamless, Integrated Door Jambs

Another element of the FiberWrap™ process is our seamless, integrated door jambs which are formed into the wall during the molding process. They are not separate pieces that are later cut in or screwed together as other manufacturers sometimes do.

These very wide jambs are about 5 inches deep and prevent wind-blown debris, dust, rain from penetrating into the building. They can be placed anywhere on the wall– to the left, to the right, up or down.