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ColorsAesthetically Pleasing & Functional

Need a color to match existing buildings on your property or in your neighborhood?  Want a shelter that will blend in with its environment or one that is highly noticeable?  Regardless of your needs, we can help.

Standard Features

Infinite Color Matching
Faux Brick Texture
Smooth, White Interiors
Hidden Joints and Connective Hardware
Gel Coat Locks Color in Permanently
Ultra-Durability, Meets Rigid Requirements
Shelter Works Building
Shelter Works Building



Desert Sand


Storm Gray


Meadow Green

It's Not Paint; It's Gel Coat!

Our shelters get their color from gel coat that is molecularly bonded to the fiberglass resin. Our gel coat finish is better than paint because it isn’t a topical coating applied after the shelter is built, but rather a pigmented resin with UV inhibitors bonded to the fiberglass substrate during the manufacturing process.

You will never have to repaint it, which means lower maintenance costs than with aluminum, wood, steel, or concrete alternatives.

Regulator Station Blue Overlay

Standard Colors

Our standard colors are Desert Sand, Polar White, Storm Gray and Meadow Green, but we have the capability to match virtually any color and can even make multi-colored shelters. 


Desert Sand Color Swatch
Desert Sand
Polar White Color Swatch
Polar White
Storm Grey Color Swatch
Storm Gray
Meadow Green Color Swatch
Meadow Green

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Multi-Colored Shelters

See how we make multi-colored shelters including these red and white units designed for air fields.

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Need a Custom Color?

Tracy talks about standard colors, custom colors and the Gel Coat advantage in this video "Why would anybody want an orange building."

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