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Natural Gas OdorizerCase Study


In the natural gas industry, Linc Energy Systems is the master distributor for GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of natural gas odorizer systems. Odorization is the process of injecting odorant, such as mercaptan into natural gas for regulatory purposes, as well as to keep people safe. The company offers solutions for low-, high-, and intermittent-flow odorization of natural gas. The GPL natural gas odorizer systems are ventless and do not discharge gas to the atmosphere, making it an eco-responsible approach to natural gas odorization.

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Sturdy Insulated Construction Holds Up to Heavy Snow

GPL Odorizers offers its clients the option of providing a custom enclosure to augment the system’s protection from adverse environmental conditions, deter vandalism, and improve aesthetics. The shelter they selected to protect these natural gas odorizer systems from adverse environmental concerns is a Shelter Works fiberglass equipment shelter. Harsh winter weather and heavy snow loads can cause stress on the system, but Shelter Works’ unique FiberBeam™ construction ensures that the fiberglass reinforced walls and roof will not buckle or fail during winter’s demanding storms

Impervious to Mercaptan

Another reason our shelter works so well in protecting these natural gas odorizer systems is that the Shelter Works material features a closed cell construction which is impervious to mercaptan, the gas odorant that makes detection easier.

Flexible Natural Gas Odorizer System Design

When Linc Energy Systems specialists are working with customers to design exactly the right natural gas odorizer system to suit their needs, they like that they can specify exactly what they need with Shelter Works. Doors, windows, roof hatches, access panels, cut-outs, or bulkheads necessary to accommodate the system piping and other requirements are easy because of Shelter Works’ ‘build to suit’ offerings. “With Shelter Works, we can get a building constructed exactly as we need it!” explains Russ Isaac, National Sales Manager for the GPL product line.