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Fiberglass Shelter Protects Texas Booster Pump Station

The Project

The expansion of residential housing in the Texas Panhandle has spurred several new infrastructure projects. Headwater Engineered Systems (Headwater ES), a supplier of large submersible and lineshaft turbines located in Abernathy, TX, recently designed and installed a potable water booster station to meet the demand of one town's growth. The pump station, located downstream of the water treatment plant, maintains water pressure throughout the residential area's distribution system. Equipped with a pump, motors, controls, and a flowmeter, the system's 2350gpm design capacity allows it to handle peak demand.

Tan Fiberglass Shelter for a Booster Pump Enclosure

A Durable Custom Solution Built To Last

Headwater ES selected a Shelter Works fiberglass shelter to protect the booster pump station due to its performance and durability. Fiberglass shelters resist rot, rust, and corrosion, making them suitable for harsh environments like the Texas Panhandle. The Shelter Works fiberglass enclosure shields the booster station's components from UV radiation, high winds, and temperature fluctuations. This protection is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of the equipment inside. By preventing environmental damage, Headwater ES can reduce maintenance costs, ensure continuous operation of the booster station, and add value to its packaged system.

Beyond durability, fiberglass shelters offer practical advantages. They are lightweight and easy to transport and install. They are customizable, allowing Headwater ES to determine locations for the shelter's electrical components and structural features during the submittal process.

Fiberglass shelter interior of booster pump station

Fiberglass shelter interior of booster pump station

Headwater ES chose to customize its shelter by adding two knockout panels for custom cuts in the field. These panels allow the pipe from the booster station to easily connect to the customer-supplied yard piping.

They reinforced areas of the interior walls in three separate areas for mounting equipment weighing over ten pounds. One of the walls has exterior wood reinforcement throughout for mounting a 5-ton air conditioner that keeps the Variable Frequency Drives cool and provides general protection from the West Texas heat.

Shelter Works Delivers A Smooth Project Experience

Bryan Duffy, National Sales Manager for Headwater ES explained that the Shelter Works' engineering "was very helpful in the design phase and customer service was good throughout. The product showed up in great shape and was assembled to our station with no issues."

By incorporating a Shelter Works fiberglass shelter as part of their packaged booster station, Headwater ES can ensure the protection and reliability of their high-capacity system. This decision supports the infrastructure of the growing residential community by maintaining a dependable water supply.