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Maintenance & RepairShelters that won't Rust, Rot, Corrode or Decay

Constructed of UV resistant gel coats that can withstand decades of exposure to the elements with minimal fading, our shelters will not rust, rot, corrode or decay.

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Periodically, shelters do get damaged by extreme weather, accidents, moves, or some other odd event.  When repairs or maintenance need to be performed, most work can be easily accomplished in the field. We have developed several documents to guide you on the proper care and maintenance of your shelter.

Case StudyBuilt to Survive a Hurricane


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Just How Durable Are Our Shelters?

We swung a baseball bat and hit a golf ball at our shelters to see how they would hold up.  Check out how they performed.


Shelter Works Shelter vs. Baseball

See what happens when Shelter Works' athletes pitch against and take a baseball bat to one of our fiberglass shelters.

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Shelter Works Shelter vs. Golf

See what happens when a golf ball hits one of our shelters at over 100 mph.

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Caulk Repair Video

How to Inspect & Repair Caulk Seams

Tracy answers the questions...

"How do I inspect the caulk on my building?"


"What do I do if the caulk needs to be touched up?"

Here’s a video showing how easily its done.