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Irrigation System Equipment ShelterCase Study

“Time is money”

That’s the explanation of Xylem’s Richard Stolpman about why his clients specified a Shelter Works fiberglass equipment shelter to protect its irrigation pumping station at a golf course facility that processes reclaimed water at Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. The engineer in charge did consider cinderblock but in the end, the analysis showed the most cost-effective solution was the Shelter Works equipment shelter.

“The installation took one day. If we had gone with cinderblock, they would’ve had to hire a contractor, an electrician and the carpenter (at least). That can be very time-consuming. On top of the contractors you have to hire, you have to have safety inspectors for each and every one of those contractors for the job.” Stolpman explained, “With Shelter Works, we only had to have one on-site crane safety inspector for that one day of installation.”

Another really big feature of the project was the fact that the building came with the PE stamp that certified the hurricane-force wind loads necessary for Florida ratings, as well as the other specifications required for the building. “That gave us peace of mind and made it a lot easier to go through the permitting process,” Stolpman explained. “We were very happy with the whole process.”