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FiberBeam™ TechnologyPound for Pound Stronger Than Steel with No Delamination

Foam is a great insulator but it is not a good structural material for building shelters. That is why we developed FiberBeam™  technology. Unlike a typical FRP panel with a foam core that fails when placed under stress, shelters made with FiberBeam technology are more rigid and can withstand much higher stresses without any bowing or buckling.


Fiberbeam Illustration

Shelter Works Building

FiberBeam Technology Explained

FiberBeams are essentially fiberglass studs, spaced 12" apart, that are integrated into the walls, roofs, and doors of the shelter. They provide a solid structural connection between the inner and outer layers of the fiberglass skins. The result is a lightweight composite building system, equal to the strength of steel, that will never come apart or delaminate.

Need something structurally sound enough to survive earthquakes or hurricane-force winds? FiberBeam technology handles the majority of environmental issues for most applications, but if you have a special need, just let us know.

Just How Durable Are Our Shelters?

We took a baseball bat and a golfball to our fiberglass buildings to see how they would hold up – check these out.


Shelter Works Shelter vs. Baseball

See what happens when Shelter Works' athletes pitch against and take a baseball bat to one of our fiberglass shelters.

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Shelter Works Shelter vs. Golf

See what happens when a golf ball hits one of our shelters at over 100 mph.

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