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Two-Piece Regulator Station Case Study

Shelter Works Creates 2-Piece Shelter for Quick On-site Assembly

What do you do when something is too large to ship? And what if the location has low-hanging electrical wires that prohibit a building being lifted up and over the equipment (which is how our shelters are typically installed)? Split it in half, of course.

That’s just what we did recently for a Midwest utility company that needed a brand new natural gas regulator station building. Normally, our fiberglass shelters come fully assembled and ready to install—complete with electrical wiring and fittings, specified HVAC needs and predetermined openings.  In this case, however, the prefabricated building needed to be 15’ x 26’ x 10’, so we shipped it in two large pieces so that it could be assembled on-site. The split building also allowed installation to be done without any difficulties by bringing each half in from the side, thus avoiding the overhead electrical wires.

two-piece fiberglass shelter

Because of the environmental conditions, the company chose an explosion-proof electrical package. Despite the fact that the building was split in two, the wiring was done in such a way that the building could be put together in the field and still quickly be ready for use. The building will protect regulators, heaters and other electronics that sit on a concrete pad and need to be secured. The company wanted to minimize labor costs but still ensure high-quality field equipment protection, so they specified a Shelter Works building to meet their needs.

fiberglass shelter for regulator station