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Regulator Station Fiberglass ShelterCase Study

Regulator Stations and Field Equipment For Build Illinois

Build Illinois is a multi-year program that will pump billions of dollars into various aspects of Illinois infrastructure, including the need for regulator stations and other field equipment shelters in the important natural gas sectors we serve. As a result of legislation in Illinois, several of our clients will be investing what amounts to billions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades to gas transmission and storage systems and refurbishments to regulating stations. Safety is the first concern in this endeavor, and this legislation accelerates the repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of aging natural gas infrastructure. These natural gas upgrades will improve reliability and expand operations to serve growing needs across the region. In total, there are over 500 projects scheduled to be developed, and Shelter Works is a part of the all of those plans.

In 2016, we delivered field equipment shelters, from odorant facilities to regulator stations to measurement outposts, as a part of this multi-year Build Illinois project, and we will do so again in 2017.

Randy Cunningham of Control Equipment Sales explained, “The upgrades require improvements in many areas–gas storage, transmission pipelines, distribution networks and regulator stations as well as telecommunication shelters with equipment that monitors and relays gas readings or pressure test results to those who need it.”

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Continued Success

Over the course of this whole project, Shelter Works will deliver regulator stations and other field equipment shelters throughout Illinois to a wide variety of location types, and every single one has different needs. Shelter Works’ complete ability to customize enclosures ensures that each building is built exactly as needed. Some shelters will be added to areas that already have other structures on site, so they may need a white building to match with what’s already there. Other buildings will be put out in the middle of a cornfield where they want to blend into the background as much as possible. Those shelters would be specified in a green color, which is no problem for Shelter Works. Each one protects different equipment and needs the door in a different place or different electrical packages to support specific equipment needs, and Shelter Works delivers for each situation.