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Fiberglass Building for Sewage Lift StationCase Study

Double Doors Added in the Field

Recently Shelter Works provided a building to cover a sewage lift station in Johnson City, TN.

Everyone was delighted with the building. However, after installing the building over the pump package, it was determined that it would be advantageous to have another set of double doors for additional access to the control panel inside.

This presented a challenge to client, contractor and engineer. The fiberglass building was already “in service” and could not be sent back to the factory. Needless to say, they did not want to butcher the brand new building to add doors that would look obviously retrofitted. Furthermore they did not want to void the warranty on the building by making a major field modification on their own.

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When they presented the problem to Shelter Works, they were surprised to learn that what they perceived to be a difficult dilemma with no real good solution was actually easily solvable. Shelter Works offered to fabricate a set of double doors and a door jamb that could be field installed by our service technicians. And because the work would be performed by our professionals, it would not void the warranty.

Tracy Switzer of Shelter Works said, “Because we always want every building to be just right for the customer’s application, much of what we do every day is custom work. It is part of who we are. Whether our expertise is leveraged in the factory or in the field is just a matter of geography.”

The installation of the new doors was done in mere hours. Without any disruption of the operation of the pump, the new doors were installed in such a way that, when the Shelter Works team was finished, no one would be able to tell the difference between the doors installed at the factory and the ones added in the field.