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Chemical Storage Building


Fiberglass (FRP) chemical buildings are used in various municipal and industrial applications. They provide a controlled space to store hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Fiberglass chemical enclosures are safer for storing chemicals and housing chemical feed systems because fiberglass does not react with most chemicals. It is a long-lasting, durable, chemical-resistant material ideal for harsh chemical environments.

Shelter Works designs and engineers fiberglass chemical buildings with safety and environmental protection in mind. Whether you need separate rooms within the shelter or secondary spill containment to prevent leaks from spreading, we will custom-manufacture a fiberglass enclosure to meet your chemical building needs.


Shelter Works chemical buildings are built using proprietary Fiberbeam™ and FiberWrap™ which includes acid corrosion resistant fiberglass, which enhance the durability, reliability, and safety of the enclosure. Our shelters adhere to ASTM E330/E330M-14 structural safety standards, are rigid, and can withstand higher stresses without any bowing or buckling.


prefabricated chemical storage building

prefab chemical building

Customized Chemical Shelter Solutions

Shelter Works fiberglass chemical buildings can be custom engineered to best house the chemicals your processes require. Whether it is a single building for chemical storage or a larger shelter to house a chemical feed system that requires multiple rooms, we can custom design the best protective solution for you.

If your shelter needs to separate chemicals from chemicals or chemicals from controls, we can design a shelter with partition walls to keep those processes separate from each other.

Chemical Feed System

Fiberglass Shelters for Chlorination & Dechlorination

Custom Engineered Two-Room Chemical Metering Building

spill containment floors for chemical feed system

Customized Secondary Containment

When hazardous chemicals are involved, we can design the enclosure to have a localized secondary containment basin to capture and contain liquids when primary containment measures fail. We can also incorporate a full shelter containment flooring system sized for ‘worst-case volume’ with a walkable fiberglass grid floor. Containment floors and basins will hold the liquid until it can be safely disposed of.

Nuclear Power Plant Equipment Shelter

Spill Containment Floors for Equipment Shelters

fiberglass shelter for chemical storage

Fiberglass Shelters For Chemical Storage vs. Metal, Concrete & More

Chemical buildings and enclosures manufactured by Shelter Works have superior chemical resistance when compared to other structural materials. They withstand extreme temperatures and inclement weather while resisting damage from chemicals, impact, water, UV rays, corrosive conditions, and more with minimal maintenance requirements. Best of all, they typically provide the lowest total lifetime cost of ownership of any type of shelter and are backed by a 25-year warranty

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Shelter Works Chemical Shelters

fiberglass chemical shelter


slip resistant containment floors in chemical building


making containment floors in a chemical building video

Video: How Do We Make Containment Floors?

chemical pump enclosure


drawing of a two-room chemical feed building

Two-Room Chemical Feed Building

cad drawing of a chemical building for municipal well

Chemical Shelter for New Municipal Well