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Water Filtration Station SheltersCase Study

Low Maintenance Fiberglass Shelters

In North Carolina, there’s a water filtration station that serves the citizens of Moore County. The fiberglass shelters that protect the gas lifters there needed to be updated. Unfortunately, the molds for the previous shelters had worn out, so they turned to Shelter Works to upgrade their critical field equipment protection.

John Russ, a buyer for Walker Process Equipment explains, “Shelter Works fiberglass shelters are absolutely top-of-the-line, and they’ll build anything you want! They are lightweight and won’t rust out, so they will last for very long time.

Because each one is custom designed, they were able to specify skylights that allow natural light to pour into the shelter, making it bright enough to service the equipment without having electrical lights. This lowers the overall cost of maintaining the equipment and saves money. In addition, they specified doors on the sides that allow multiple access points to the equipment. All of this creates a cost-effective shelter that requires virtually no maintenance and will last for decades.

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