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Sewage Pump Equipment ShelterCase Study

Shelter Works Improves Working Conditions and Protects Field Equipment

Just by the railroad tracks at the edge of the small town of New Windsor, Maryland, there was an old sewage pumping station where the equipment was fully exposed to the elements and very difficult to maintain. Because the structure was below grade, service workers would have to crawl down into a very cramped space in order to access the equipment. Officials for the town, determined that it was time for an upgrade, began looking for a long-lasting solution that would look great and protect the equipment for a long time. Because of the drastic fluctuations in temperature between the summer in the winter, they needed an equipment shelter that could accommodate both ventilating and heating equipment.

After reviewing their options, they chose Shelter Works equipment shelter as the best solution due to its high quality construction, attractive appearance and 25 year warranty. “This is a full access building, with so much space to get around the pumping equipment,” explained Dwight Swan, of the Maryland sales office for Envirep TLC. “Each field equipment building is custom engineered, so we could design it right from the start to fit the exact needs of this location. And because of the way these fiberglass shelters are made, they last a long time. That means that this custom fiberglass enclosure is going to work for this little town for a very long time.”

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