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Corrosion Resistance Custom Formulations for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Unlike metal and traditional stick-built buildings, which can suffer from corrosion, rust, and rot due to weather, pollution, and chemicals, Shelter Works fiberglass enclosures remain unaffected. They do not rust, rot, corrode, or decay. Custom manufactured to endure harsh environmental conditions and chemical exposure, our enclosures are ideal for use with substances like chlorine, sodium bisulfite, and sodium hypochlorite frequently found in mining, RNG, and water and wastewater treatment applications.

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Specialized Resin For Extreme Conditions

Our shelters are designed to perform in challenging environments. While our standard gel coat and resin provide excellent chemical and water resistance, we offer upgraded vinyl ester resin for applications with more severe chemical exposure. This specialized resin formulation enhances the enclosure's ability to withstand a wider range of corrosive stresses.

Shelter Works Corrosion Free Chemical Building

Custom Enclosures For Your Unique Needs

Our Sales Engineers will work with you to design a fiberglass enclosure that meets your project’s unique requirements. To speed the process up, be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Is the chemical in direct contact with the building?
  • Is the exposure to the chemical intermittent or prolonged?
  • Is the chemical in liquid or gas form?
  • What will the concentration of the chemical? (in ppm or %)
  • What will the maximum temperature inside the shelter be?

This attention to detail ensures you receive a low-maintenance, long-lasting, shelter that will protect your field equipment in the harshest environments.